Florida Mayor Supports Voter “Mandate”, Rejects Marijuana Ban


We’ve been covering the rollout of legal commercial marijuana for some time now. It tends to follow a predictable script.

  • The voters pass medical or adult-use marijuana legalization.
  • The elected officials at the state level wring their hands over how they will ever figure out how to regulate the cultivation, distribution, inspection, and retailing of an agricultural product.
  • The elected officials at the local level rush to pass bans and moratoria to protect the citizens from the catastrophic results of their foolish votes.
  • The people sue to overturn the bans and moratoria the elected officials enacted to prevent marijuana from being openly sold.
  • Eventually, strictly-regulated, over-taxed dispensaries are allowed to open in a few far-flung areas of the city that comport with restrictive zoning regulations.

So, we were pleasantly surprised to read this story out of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel about the mayor of Lauderhill rejecting a proposed ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

“If everyone bans the sale of it, neither the personal caregiver nor the qualifying patient will be able to obtain medical marijuana,” [Mayor Richard] Kaplan said.

About three-quarters of city voters approved the medical marijuana referendum, Kaplan said.

“It’s a mandate saying, we want this available,” Kaplan said. “The only ones I see objecting to it are the elected leaders throughout the state.”

Whoa! A politician who pays attention to the voters who overwhelmingly support medical marijuana? Can we clone this guy and distribute him throughout the country?

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