FL Congressman Says Federal Laws on Marijuana Helped Create a ‘Sanctuary Nation’

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Florida’s first term Congressman Francis Rooney (R-Fort Myers) believes that the minor protections that were recently extended in the Omnibus spending bill for the federal budget have finally made America a “sanctuary nation”. Rooney has combined the essential medical marijuana protections with the courageous cities that have refused to cooperate with overreaching immigration enforcement efforts, labeled by conservatives as “sanctuary cities”, to come up with his new description for the entire country.

Unlike 217 other republican Congressmen, Rooney voted against the spending bill. He felt it did not have enough spending cuts, apparently, and abhors the idea of sanctuaries. The statement from Rep. Francis Rooney:

“The omnibus bill passed today overspends and underdelivers. This bill is a bad deal for the American people, which is why I voted against the measure.

“The fiscally irresponsible $1.07 trillion in spending for the next six months is $30 billion higher than the caps in the original Budget Control Act of 2011, and none of the spending increases are offset. Additionally, none of the $18 billion in proposed spending cuts in the President’s budget were included in this bill.

“The bill continues to send billions to sanctuary cities which violate federal immigration laws, while providing no funding for the border wall we need to secure our southern border. The bill also includes pro-abortion provisions, including continued funding for Planned Parenthood. Obamacare, a disastrous policy which has driven up the cost of healthcare while decreasing quality of care, continues to be funded. Additionally, the Department of Justice is prohibited from implementing federal law regarding marijuana, turning our country into a sanctuary nation.

“I will continue to fight against wasteful spending in Washington to make sure Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars are used better in the future.”

Here is the problem with the argument put forth by the freshman congressman. It’s completely hypocritical for him to make such a statement.

The same state-by-state protections that he would deny a medical cannabis patient are the exact same state-by-state protections he likely demands for voting rights, abortion laws, and health insurance coverage. The hypocrisy and amount of ignorance that is displayed by making such a statement, because he has some preconceived fear of cannabis, is absolutely apparent and must be called out.

Take for a moment the catastrophic possibilities with a lack of regulation on voting, abortion, and healthcare. Yet, with cannabis as a medicine, he has a problem? That, Representative Rooney, is beyond ridiculous.

No one has died from cannabis. It is safer than alcohol, cigarettes, and prescription drugs. A person using it is doing no harm or foul to anyone else. Its legal in over half the country. Its accepted as medicine by a vast majority of Americans. All of these make it a hell of a lot less important than voting rights, abortion, and health insurance for federal “oversight”. And, as far as a “good use” of tax dollars, you might consider that what you are trying to enforce federally is legal in those states.

Rep. Rooney, you need to pull your conservative head out of … I will say sand … and realize you are being foolish, ignorant, and an absolute buffoon by treating medical marijuana as a schedule I narcotic. People seeking relief from ailments with marijuana are not a threat, any more than almost every undocumented immigrant. Hopefully the Florida medical marijuana law, as bad as it is, will help you change your tune a little, or you will soon be completely sounding flat and hopefully removed from the Congress after a single term.

Keith Mansur
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