Fentanyl In Your Weed And Other Crazy Shit

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Cannabis Conspiracies: You’re Not Crazy If It Could Be True

Prohibitionist are at it again, spreading fear in New York of fetanyl in marijuana found, this as the Governor pushes forward for legal cannabis. I believe there is validity to this conspiracy post I saw on Reddit, but this prohibition argument can easily be turned into a pro for legalization. This is an argument for safe access for consumers. Consumers who will be your friends, neighbors, and perhaps one day God forbid you’re in a medical situation where you want all options available for treatment.

Every year there’s someone is spreading reefer madness for my safety, and I ask you kindly stay the fuck out of my life. Let us not forget that there have been people in power who want to save you by poisoning you, in both alcohol prohibition and cannabis prohibition. If one wants to make America great, the legalization of cannabis will help combat the opioid crisis, reduce crime rates for no longer being illegal, and give citizens a holistic choice to treat themselves making their live’s better.

Prohibition doesn’t protect the average citizen, it incarcerates, creating leaches of profit off the backs of those choosing to break a bad law, let us not forget separate drinking fountains were the law, was that right then? Besides the ones presently behind bars or the ones momentarily detained, it hurts those trying to be good citizens. From tax breaks, and student loans, to a friend of mine recently denied his Global Entry pass because he admitted cannabis use during the interview.

We Caught Another Honest Bad Guy

Imagine living for 60 years as a respectable citizen. Doing all the right things like going to college, getting a Ph.D., and living a youthful life. To eventually fall in love and help raise a child that isn’t yours. Said child eventually becomes one of the contributing members of a team that helped discern gravitational waves. Only to be told you’re untrustworthy because you were honest in an interview in regards to cannabis consumption in a legal State for a thing that’s not your thing. Well, that happened. This friend of mine had to confide in me. He needed a sympathetic ear to bend because the next thing was to tell his wife who is not a fan of cannabis.

My friend and his wife are financially sound for their golden years were making plans for traveling abroad in the future. Part of the plan was to apply for the Global Entry pass; if you’ve ever been through customs or waited in line for a ride in Disneyland, you know its worth it. Part of the process is a one to one interview to make sure you have America’s best interest at heart, yadda yadda ya. During the interview, he said she was kind, and it was casual until she asked “Have you ever smoked marijuana?” to which my friend replied “Yes.” Here he said it went from pleasant conversation to an interrogation. “How many times do you smoke? When was the last time you smoked? Why do you smoke?” the whole gamut. My friend has a neighbor that’s a patient and has only occasionally smoked with him and back in college, marijuana is not his first choice for consumption kind of like me with corn beef and cabbage, but I never pass it up. You don’t learn right away that you failed, that comes in the form of the letter telling you that cannabis is still a schedule 1 drug and is still Federally illegal.

Stigmas and ignorance surround us everywhere and day due to the brilliant campaigns of the past. Cannabis is just another victim of good campaigning and politics just like Brexit. One didn’t need analytics in the past when one was the majority in control of the message, but now as our America becomes more diverse but yet the same, we need to end the propagation of ignorance.

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