Facebook, I am Not My Slave Name

Facebook Reckoning

You are not your Facebook account or at least don’t put all your hopes based on one group or social media account; You are your own brand. Your work, your word, it is you. You are the offline social network defined by street cred, what are other people saying about you? As a cannabis activist, I used the internet for its anonymity which is no longer an option for me. I like to think that “I’ve pissed off all the right people.” but it seems Facebook is not happy with the identity I’ve created and has closed my account without identifying the posts that put me in violation, instead I am greeted by a generic Terms of Conditions Statement, this is a massive problem for the free app.

Facebook Policy Statement

The Facebook crackdown on the cannabis conversation is quite disconcerting. This is the real shadowban, not Alex Jones. It’s especially unfortunate to think all the cannabis common sense people cashed out and left Facebook. It can’t be a coincidence that the original amount of characters allowed for a post was 420. Fortunately, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are just part of the internet despite what Alex Jones and ignorant Congressmen want you to believe. Tech companies have made billions not because what they offer is worth paying for but that it connects you to like-minded people, imagine a world, a platform where you’re not judged for being you.

If you’re not familiar with the term “slave name”, let me break it down to you. In America, we’re told we can be anything and part of that anything is identity. The modern use of the term slave name refers mostly to the Africans and West Indians abducted to be used for trade, who had their identities stricken and were forced to assume the surnames of their captors. Since the end of these practices descendants of those slaves have been trying to recuperate their identities by creating new ones. The same can be said for all modern day Americans and the government name.

My name is Miguel, and that’s the only name I go by or Miggy if you’re my friend. I was born with my mother’s last name and later on had an adoptive one added, I do not identify with my government name. I am Miggy420, and Facebook can suck a dick from the back.

My advice to any cannabis activist and content providers out there is this “If you’re looking to establish a name for yourself, do something. Whether its activism or entrepreneurship, do something and do it every day. This will help you build a network of real people and be consistent with your efforts and goals in cannabis.”

From Cannabess Facebook Page
From Cannabess Facebook Page

Cannabis content providers are being judged and juried for the industry they choose to work in. As in the case of social media starlet Cannabess Byers on Instagram which made her create a petition that has gathered over 14 thousand signatures. I can identify with Cannabess as a victim of the social media scrutiny which led to the closing of my 10-year-old account but instead of losing a financial resource, I lost a network of people helping others. The worst part is that it was linked to many people no longer here with us in life via death or prison, friendship and pages I can’t rekindle. I have accepted this as an unfortunate truth for pissing off the right people.

A Cannabis Platform

It’s kind of easy for me to narrow down who flagged my account, I don’t have many haters in Cannaland but these are the ones I  I know of 1) Cops I’ve trolled and 2) People against Washington State Homegrow. My Facebook was connected to all my social media (ie. Instagram and other apps where I was too lazy to create a unique login) and it all has been decimated, but it doesn’t hurt so much since I’ve made real connections and have done real things that have helped people.

So while I am rebuilding a new Facebook page to help people because it is still the go-to for people who don’t fully comprehend the internet I am also jumping onto Canfinder, an Instagram styled format, it allows for all cannabis conversations for people in legal States. Trying to get rid of 100 pounds? Post it on Canfinder.

Canfinder (it’s Canfinder, not Cannafinder) is a great app to use in a legal State. Treat it like the Instagram and Craigslist of weed, get your brand out there for free by just having an account and posting regularly like you would do in any other network. Check out this inside look on the some of the people behind Canfinder.

The roots for Canfinder stretch back to the medical days of Washington State. At the time the owner was the leading supplier to many growers in the State. Supplying quality nutrients and other gardening needs knowing that the end product was to be cannabis. With the event of recreational and the I502 structure he did the only sensible thing, and that was to supply the I502 grower, now known as I502 Wholesales this brick and mortar store is jumping into cannabis media and events. Many cannabis social media apps have come and gone like Social High, but I think Canfinder will have sustainability by having that brick and mortar foundation.


No matter what you do, do no put all your eggs in one basket. I believe the mainstream apps will eventually change their policy but by then it will and should be too late. Did you notice the mention of “illegal or recreational drugs” in my screencapture, I believe this statement is pointed at the recreationally legal States and this will hurt them in the long run, lack of common sense for a mindless company. Remember, social networking doesn’t have to be online. Volunteer for an organization, write a pot prisoner, go to a court support, do something against prohibition and you’re bound to make a name.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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