Empower Bodycare Makes a Great Stoner Valentine’s Day Gift


If you are like me and are looking to buy a last-minute (okay last-second) Valentine’s Day gift in beautiful and legalized Oregon, Empower Bodycare products can make a great gift for your stoner sweetie. Empower, operated by Trista Okel, a local cannabis advocate, has a variety of topicals and other products to help soothe that special someone, and if you’re lucky, maybe just help you get lucky.

Empower’s signature product is its line is essential oils. The company’s slogan is simple, “Put it where it hurts.” And the follow-up directions are just as easy, “Rub it in. Repeat.”

Many patients that I know have found medicinal benefit from Empower’s Topical Oils. These amazing oils can give patients relief from arthritis and chronic pain. While the oils won’t get you “high” they can help patients find relief from their aches and pains. I experience some back and knee pain and Empower’s Topical Oils do the trick for me.

The Empower Therapeutic Soaking Salts may be just what the doctor ordered for your Valentine. These relaxing soaking salts can help that special person in your life relax and wash away the day’s stress. No one can guarantee if these soaking salts will get your partner in the mood, but, from my experience, they certainly have never hurt.

Last, but not least, is the Empower 4Play Sensual Oil. This product can liven up your bedroom encounter (or wherever you may be, but I’m old school) with your partner, or even solo adventures. I haven’t had the opportunity to utilize 4Play yet, but I’m hoping to get lucky enough to end that very soon. Knowing Empower’s other products, I do have faith, however, especially after reading the (NSFW) review by Mrs. Nice Guy (I dare you to read the full review and not be intrigued to try out some Empower 4Play):

I started off with a smoke session to relax and found some inspiration online before generously applying the oil. Within minutes I could feel its effects take course.

There was a definitive surge in sexual energy throughout my whole body. I felt entranced, to the point where I just wanted to be pleasured and worshipped. My mind was in a sexual haze. Although my body was reasonably relaxed, my nipples were so hard and the intensity with which I was throbbing was something I’ll not soon forget.

You can buy some Empower products online, but the recreational products are available at some of Oregon’s finest marijuana dispensaries and retail stores, such as Cannabliss, Gro Hi, Oregrown, Rip City Remedies Chalice, Farma, Mindrite, Nectar and Oregon’s Finest.Hope you have a great one and if you are a slacker (I’m not certainly one to judge) and can’t pick up some Empower products for Valentine’s Day, go ahead and pick some products up as soon as possible for that next date night or special occasion. You won’t be disappointed.  Happy Valentine’s Day Weed News readers!

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