Did Prohibition Advocates Help Kill Philando Castile?


Okay, maybe not directly but indirectly the reefer madness rhetoric many spew has lead to these kinds of incidents. We the people are tired of this shit.

If someone is willing to put you behind bars over pot, they’re willing to shoot you; willful ignorance can not be a police excuse to get away with murder.

Another officer has been acquitted of murder, this one is Jeronimo Yamez. The footage has been released, clearly it was murder, probably second degree because I’m sure Yanez didn’t know Castile prior to waking up that morning, nor did he think “Today I’m going to kill a black man.” or if he did then it would be first, either way, Philando Castile should still be with us today, he was killed with disregard for his life due prejudice mixed with carelessness fueled by drug war rhetoric.

Just because the Officer involved was Hispanic doesn’t make this situation less racist, racism is not black and white. As a dark skin American hippie, I don’t understand the ability to commit harm to another based on the color of skin but I do know it exists, racial tensions.

The drug war invokes and provokes racism via sight and smell, we are flooded with images of gangsters but the only thing criminal about marijuana is the law. Below is a link to the materials presented by the prosecution, the same evidence that found Officer Yanez innocent by a system willing to turn a blind eye. The sequence of the events are little surreal but I will surmise them for you if the videos are too much for you to watch.

1)A young man is pulled over for having a failed brake light: Which is suspect after watching the dashcam video, the only incident in which Philando had to use his brakes was when he was pulled over.

2) The officer approaches the car holding his gun because the police believe everyone is a bad guy?

3) Next is where it goes sideways. The officer asks for license and registration in which Philando hands over what I guess is the registration, next Philando states to the officer that he has a gun and this is where things go wrong. This is where Philando did wrong by thinking he was an average day member of society or at least this is what the N.R.A fooled him to believe because they forgot to include “unless you’re darker than me”.

As soon as the Officer Yanez hears gun you can hear him say “Don’t grab it” and Castile replying “I’m not”, at this point you can hear panic in Yanez’s voice of repeatedly saying “Don’t grab it” and then he opens fire on Philando Castile in his car with a passenger and a baby in the backseat.

The shooting reminded me of The South Park episode where the Uncle takes the boys camping and they tell them that they’re allowed to shoot anything as long as they yell “Oh no it’s coming after me”. Philando Castile should still be alive.

If Philando Castile was white I believe he’d still be alive, even if he was brown like Yanez I believe he still would have been shot, simply due to the demonizing that surrounds minorities and marijuana.

Clearly, Yanez was brainwashed into thinking marijuana was deadly but the only thing deadly in this situation was Officer Yanez. In his interview, Yanez states the smell of marijuana is what incited his fear of safety and its things like this that haven’t happen in recreational states because the people know that drugs are not what you were taught in High School.

As an American, I’ve always felt we’re better than most countries but every day it’s more relevant that we’re no better than North Korea who sentence people to prison that leads to death for a stolen propaganda poster.

The Prosecution’s Evidence

That poor child… ?Full Story: http://bit.ly/2tu4qTH

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