Delaware Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Improvement Bill


I received the following good news out of Delaware today:

I am delighted to report that yesterday Gov. John Carney signed SB 24 into law! Now, patients in Delaware suffering from PTSD will no longer need to visit a psychiatrist in order to obtain a certification for medical cannabis. They can instead get their certifications signed by any physician. The change to the program takes effect immediately.

The bill — known as the Bravery Bill — was sponsored by Sen. Margaret Rose Henry, who is also sponsoring Delaware’s adult use cannabis bill, HB 110. An earlier version of SB 24 would have also added anxiety disorders to the program, but that language was removed from the final bill.

MPP sends a big congrats to all of the patients in Delaware suffering with PTSD who will now have easier access to medical cannabis. This is an important step in the fight for compassion, and it was thanks to the advocacy of veterans and Sen. Henry that it was proposed and passed!


Maggie Ellinger-Locke
Legislative Counsel
Marijuana Policy Project

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