Cryptocurrency For Cannabis?


Legal marijuana dispensaries have struggled with not being able to accept cards (such as credit card or debit card) payments for their products. While dispensaries are perfectly legal in certain states according to state law, taking electronic payments for them (specifically debit card and credit card payments) are not possible since the federal law still prohibits marijuana.

This has been such a big problem for many smaller, up and coming dispensaries that several have actually had to close because of it. American consumers are used to using their cards for everything, and the exception of cannabis takes a real hit on those businesses.



GreenMed to the rescue

Luckily, a solution is in store: a new app using a type of cryptocurrency could be the way to solve this problem. The app is called GreenMed, and it’s a completely legal way of allowing people to pay for their legal cannabis cryptocurrency.

GreenMed is currently selling 69 million “tokens.” Once they run out, no more will be available. Until then, however, anyone can buy tokens for $0.20 apiece. If anyone paid attention to the Bitcoin phenomenon, they already know this is an excellent way to invest in an area that is bound to do well.


When Bitcoin first started out, they were selling coins for $1 apiece. Nowadays, each coin is worth more than $4000 apiece! That means that, if you had invested a mere $10 in Bitcoin, you would now be able to sell those coins for a whopping $400,000.

While one can never be sure exactly how the numbers will look, GreenMed is poised for success. The legal marijuana market is projected to increase threefold within the next three years, making apps like GreenMed even more valuable than they are today.


Buying tokens from GreenMed now is like the cryptocurrency version of buying shares in a company. Not only does it help the company’s development, but it is also extremely likely to pay off for investors. To make things even better, tokens are currently being matched for early birds. In other words, a small investment could pay off tremendously.

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