Craig Cesal: Another Father’s Day Lost

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Another Hallmark Holiday Ruined By The Drug War

Instead of writing about what dad wants for this coming Father’s Day, I would like to write about what one father in particular wants, and that’s freedom.

I’ve been writing about Craig’s story for a long time, and the fact that I have to gets more and more depressing each year as he sits behinds bars and loses another year of a life. He is owed justice like so many others behind bars, but Craig is owed so much more than justice, he is owed lost time. Owed because an unjust law put him behind bars. Owed because his incarceration over a plant has a direct correlation to his son’s death by overdose because if he had the chance to continue being the father his children’s opportunities would have been endless.

When you ask his daughter of her childhood and only fond memories are to be had. Memories of being bribed to get good grades with trips to Disneyland with hugs and kisses that were until people with power decided to put him away for being a mechanic on the trucks that carried marijuana.

Recently the Can-Do Foundation posted a tearjerker of a message from Craig, here it is

“Fourteen years before my arrest, I realized an instinct I never considered when I looked into the eyes of a seven-pound newborn, not much bigger than a loaf of bread.  She reached out to me for everything, and it was my honor to deliver.  Following my arrest, I failed to show for the graduation ceremony, the Father/Daughter Dance, and to mean-mug the first date.  The best Father’s Day gift is to see that Champ still grew up to be a star.”

There are endless stories like Craig’s, and for a country that is the supposed family value, we are pretty fucked up. Maybe this will be the year, the year that fathers like Craig, Antonio Bascaro, and Richard DeLisi can see their children who became adults and grandkids.

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