Connecticut: Public Hearing Today On Marijuana Legalization


Maine and Massachusetts were the first two states to legalize marijuana in the Northeastern part of the country. Almost every other state in the area has been exploring the idea of following suit, but no state in the country has legalized marijuana via legislative action to date. Connecticut has a great shot at becoming the first, with a very strong effort underway by the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). MPP hired longtime activist Sam Tracy to head the Connecticut effort, which is helping push legalization in the halls of the Connecticut capital building.

There is a public hearing today dealing with marijuana legalization. The public hearing is being preceded by a rally by police chiefs who oppose marijuana legalization. Per The Courant:

The debate over legalizing recreational marijuana in Connecticut will be at full volume Tuesday, with advocates and opponents staging competing news conferences and planning to offer reams of testimony at a legislative hearing.

Opponents of the pot bill have organized a “StopPotCT Coalition,” and expect as many as 40 chiefs of police to attend Tuesday’s pre-hearing news conference at 9:45 a.m. at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

The article stated that the chances of Connecticut legalizing are slim, but that if it did so, estimates are that Connecticut would bring in as much as 100 million dollars a year in tax revenue, and that doesn’t include the money saved from no longer enforcing failed prohibition. 63% of polled Connecticut residents support ending prohibition. Only time will tell if the people get what they want!

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