Connecticut: Make Legalization Part Of The Budget Stalemate Solution


I received the following message out of Connecticut. The Regulate Connecticut team is working hard to make legalization a reality, help them out if you are able:

On Friday, Governor Dannel Malloy vetoed the budget the General Assembly passed after a handful of Democrats supported the Republican proposal. Leaders continue to explore cuts and revenue options to close the divide, but most of those options are highly unpopular.

Despite the new tax revenue and job creation that marijuana regulation would generate, legislators failed to include legalization in the budget they approved. They need to feel more pressure — including from local leaders.

With budget proposals shifting ever-increasing burdens to towns and cities, local officials are all looking for ways to diversify their revenue sources, and marijuana taxes are a great way to do that. Reach out to your local selectmen, city councilors, and mayor to make the case for regulating marijuana like alcohol. Ask them to join you in urging state legislators to include marijuana regulation in the budget solution.

Since all towns and cities need to raise revenue, spur tourism, and create new jobs, many local officials are already looking into marijuana regulation, and may just need a small push to become advocates. Call or email your local officials, or set up an in-person meeting.

We recently hosted a webinar that taught activists how to effectively lobby state lawmakers in their town or city. These strategies also apply to local officials, and we have downloadable fact sheets and other documents to help you prepare. After you meet with your state or local lawmakers, please fill out this form to let us know how it went.

Thank you,

Sam Tracy
CT Coalition to Regulate Marijuana

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