Congratulations To Future Oakland Dispensary Owner Amber Senter!

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One of my favorite people in the cannabis world is Amber Senter. She is an advocate, an entrepreneur, and my go-to-expert on all things edibles. Now she can also update her bio to include another rad distinction – cannabis dispensary owner. Amber was one of the winners in a recent dispensary license lottery in Oakland, California. Per SF Chronicle:

“Nerve-wracking. Amazing. Incredible,” said Amber Senter after realizing her group’s pingpong ball was one of the four left in the cage.

The dispensary license could not have gone to a more awesome person. Technically Amber is part of a group that won the license, so a congratulations is due to her team as well. I have not heard what the name of the dispensary will be, and they are currently looking for a suitable location.

One thing is for sure, as the opening approaches I will be blogging about it, and it will be the first dispensary that I visit when I travel to Oakland in the future. Congratulations Amber, you are going to CRUSH it!!!

Johnny Green
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