Colorado Medical Officer: No ‘Significant Issues’ From Marijuana Legalization


Colorado voted to legalize cannabis in 2012. Legal adult-use cannabis sales began in January 2014. Since that time Colorado’s industry has flourished, with cannabis industry taxes, licenses, and fees expected to generate well over 200 million dollars in 2017 alone. The figure has risen every year since 2014. Leading up to the successful legalization vote, raging reefer madness spreader Kevin Sabet made the since-debunked claim that for every dollar generated by legal cannabis there would be 10 dollars spent on ‘social costs.’

Canada is set to implement cannabis legalization next year. Recently the Chief Medical Officer in Colorado, Dr. Larry Wolk, participated in an interview with a Canadian media outlet. During the interview he was asked how cannabis legalization was going in Colorado, and what Canada could expect based off of Colorado’s experience. Below is an excerpt that includes Dr. Wolk’s response, via CBC:

Dr. Larry Wolk told Island Morning host Matt Rainnie Canadians have been interested in hearing his opinions on the subject since it was confirmed marijuana legalization was coming to Canada, and to hear what his state’s experience has been.

“The short answer is we haven’t seen much,” said Wolk.

“We haven’t experienced any significant issues as a result of legalization.”

Cannabis legalization opponents have tried extremely hard to paint a picture of the sky falling over Colorado, and that the same would happen anywhere else that legalized cannabis. The fact of the matter is that legalization is working in Colorado. No longer can cannabis opponents use boogeyman tactics to try to scare voters into voting against legalization without the facts getting flung back at them early and often. Obviously opponents will still try, as clinging to failed prohibition and spreading reefer madness is what they seem to enjoy doing. But the cat is out of the bag, and anyone who does even basic level research will come across comments like those made by Dr. Wolk, and statistics like the revenue being generated in Colorado by a legal industry, and see that legalization works.

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