Chris Christie Invited to Discuss Marijuana at Addiction Summit

Image: Gage Skidmore from flickr

The United States’ small, but determined, marijuana prohibition organization is planning a marijuana education summit in Baltimore, Maryland, in August. Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) has invited the always bloviating, amazingly selfish, and ridiculously petty New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to speak at the event, even though his expertise in medical marijuana is relegated to the realm of prohibitionist and obstructionist bully, and nothing more.

Presented in coordination with the National Conference on Addiction Disorders, the “pre-event” before the actual conference will charge the attendees $325 a seat, which likely goes directly to support Kevin Sabet, SAM’s director, since he has no reputable job. The marijuana only event, loaded with canna-bigots from the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) like Dr. Bob DuPont, the founding director of NIDA, multiple members of the SAM board of directors, and invited guests like Nina Volkow (NIDA Director) and Gov. Chris Christie.

The event will stack the deck against medical marijuana use and promises to use children as the main scare tactic throughout the day. All afternoon almost every presenter or panel will focus on children, including comments from SAM board member Ben Cort on Colorado youth “trends”, two presenters from John’s Hopkins University that will focus on youth, and a panel with addiction treatment “professionals” that will focus on youth and marijuana.

The website explains their goal is, “To identify current evidence-based, specific diagnostic and treatment approaches, counseling skills and modalities, prevention techniques and other mechanisms to prevent, reduce and treat marijuana use.” But, they have few, if any, presenters that are truly qualified to speak about evidence-based science. They all have a bias against medical marijuana and do not represent most current scientific studies or any truly “smart” approaches to medical marijuana.

What Smart Approaches to Marijuana has become is Kevin Sabet’s personal cash cow. He travels the country charging exorbitant fees for travel and his reefer madness presentations that are based almost entirely on the viewpoint of professional drug treatment professionals who also stand to make a lot of money treating “addicted” cannabis users. Of course, cannabis users are almost always referred to their facilities by a court order.

Maybe Kevin Sabet should get a real job and Gov. Christie should stick to subjects he understands better than medical marijuana, like bridge closures, beach closures, or doughnuts?

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