Children: Americas Future Is Collateral Damage


“What about the children? What about the children?” Are the cries many in the past have used against marijuana legalization and this my reply: “What about the f-ing children?!”

I can factually present more cases where the children have been damaged by the law and the power that has been given to authority figures than has it helped, if any.

I would like to present two ongoing cases where the children have been taken away from loving good homes, one in a prohibition state and the other in a “legal” state.

Jessica Komarowski

Jessica Komarowski vs. Rawlins, Wyoming

On July 5th Jessica Komarowski-Andrews and her husband were arrested in Wyoming. They were heading to Michigan and had to travel through Wyoming. As her husband was getting off the highway, the speed limit changed drastically from 80 to 30 off the highway, so they were down to 40 when they were pulled over. [Wyoming’s State Patrol is known for shady practices of targeting out of State plates, I presently have a warrant for my arrest in Wyoming for being too dark with out of State plates].

The officer said he smelled weed and like a “dumb asses” [These are Jessica’s words but personally I think they did the right thing, they’re not El Chapo, they American Citizens trying to comply with the law who is supposedly serving and protecting], compiled with everything he asked. It was then they were arrested for possession of less than 3 oz and child endangerment because of their kids in the car.

The children were taken away, but thankfully her in-laws were able to get them. They spent three days in jail before being bonded out.

August 9th is their hearing date, and like any normal human being, Jessica fears what’s next for her family over a scale and less a gram. Something that many citizens carry in their possession, a scale does not equal El Chapo.

Luckily for Jessica, she has a loving family support system. Her in-laws have temporary custody of her children and want for only the children to be back with their parents.

They are planning a battle with no lawyer as of this write, and I hate for this family to be another victim of the drug war. Please keep Jessica and her family in your thoughts, and if you can reach out to do court support, please do.

Next up in the drama known as the American judicial system, a grandmother has her mentally disabled daughter and granddaughter taken away from her.

Kimyata Shandell Bell

Kimyata Shandell Bell vs. The City of Kent, Washington

After hearing grueling testimony on June 5th, 2012 the City of Kent, Washington passed a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries. The reason why this is important is Kimyata was one of the many patients who testified in favor of the existing dispensaries that were supplying patients in that area.

During this time she was fighting litigation started by the other grandparents of her one grandbaby, Zaharra. The evil grandparents convinced her mentally ill adult daughter, Khadijah that she didn’t need her mother thus manipulating her to leave her mother’s care. Since then, Khadijah has left the methy grandparent’s home but still has no contact with her mother, all while not knowing or have seen Kim’s granddaughter within the past year.

While Kim was fighting for Zaharra’s life, the presiding judge decided that Kim’s testimony against the moratorium equated her to a drug pushing drug addict. We suspect race made have been a factor, but unless direct words are used, it’s hard to prove, but the judge did denounce her for being a patient advocate, and this is provable.

It’s been five long years since Kimyata has seen her daughter or granddaughter and she hasn’t given up hope on either one of them. I had the honor to be present for one of Kim’s hearings. This one was to drop the no contact order that Kim was in violation by doing what the courts asked of her. Yeah, you read that right.

Kim had custody of her grandbaby, but when the courts ordered her to deliver the baby, and she picked her, it was at that moment a violation occurred. Kimyata is the victim of a fucked up system that can be manipulated by meth heads who know the system.

At the hearing were over 60 people, family members, and friends from as far as Mississippi, all who want to see Zaharra come home. There’s a weight of information one must take in before judging character. For me it was’ her 60 supporters, the packet of letters she has from professionals stating she is the best thing for the kids (including a letter from her daughter’s development teacher), and the three loving kids she has at home (if she was dangerous wouldn’t they have been taken away?); all this tells me Kimyata is the best choice for a child in the system.

Kimyata has been called in for an Emergency hearing on July 29th; I will fill you in as it unfolds or follow Kim on Facebook and show your support for a single loving mom with great kids and a network of support.

It’s not legal as long as a biased judge can fuck with your life, especially in a “legal” state.

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