Seattle Cannabis March
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The Seattle’s Cannabis Freedom March Wants You

  The marijuana marches are coming! Every year people across the nation take part in marches in support of cannabis legalisation. In Seattle, the march is The Cannabis Freedom March or the extended version “Cannabis Freedom Marching for Wellness Awareness Quality of Life and Cannabis.” Even though cannabis is “legal” […]

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Cannabis Activism

Do People Use Marijuana In The Military?

I originally wrote this article a couple of years ago for my friends that are the brains for I have revisited it with spelling corrections and an added paragraph at the end. Marijuana doesn’t put you in strange hotel rooms doing things you’ll regret for the rest of your […]

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Netflix Show ‘Disjointed’ Has Been Canceled

I would like to make it clear that there are three things that I am a huge fan of. The first is cannabis, which should be obvious by now. The second is the show ‘Big Bang Theory’ (and with it ‘Young Sheldon’). The third is Kathy Bates. I adore Kathy […]

The Flower They Really Want
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Flowers On Flower For Valentine’s

Valentine’s 2018 is my 20 year anniversary, and I wish I could get my wife some Flowers on Flowers, but you have to be in California for this one, but I think it’s a beautiful idea and thought I’d share it with you.   The great thing about this business […]

Seed Of Life
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Canna Creativity: Canna-Pillar

Not everyone has the luxury to be surrounded by tons of weed to get creative with, especially those in prohibition states. I have the luxury of living in a legal state and still my cheap ass is only buying what he consumes, but there are those out there with creativity, […]

Dave Chappelle
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Its 2018, What Lightens You Up?

In this second year of the cumming of the Christ Administration, one needs to light up to lighten up, California knows this. Dave Chappelle recently released his latest Netflix Special, and I have to tell you, he’s still funny and relevant. There are a lot of reviews of people being offended […]