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How Much Does Cannabis Cost Where You Live?

Cannabis has intrigued me since the first time I consumed it in the early 1990’s. Since that time I, as many others had before me, got particularly fascinated in the types of cannabis that people consume across the country, as well as how much cannabis costs in each state. Whenever […]

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Berlin Hosts Another Great Hemp Parade

Despite a little cold and rainy weather, a great crowd turned out this year for the 21st annual Berlin Hanfparade (or “Hemp Parade”) last Saturday, August 12th. According to Michael Knodt, writer for and speaker at the April 2017 International Cannabis Business Conference in Berlin, the turnout for this […]

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THC and Four Prescriptions Found in Tiger Woods System After DUII

Once legendary golfer Tiger Woods was recently arrested for DUI in Florida. His toxicology report came back with five different drugs in his system, including THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Woods admitted at the time of his arrest that he was taking prescription medications, and that they were likely […]

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A California Ghost Town Bought By AZ Cannabis Company

A tiny ghost town in the desert of southern California was purchased by an Arizona-based cannabis company for a cool $5 million. Located just 50 miles from Las Vegas off of Interstate 15, the small town had been for sale since 2015. The purchase includes the town and 120 acres […]

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NBA Commissioner Wont Change League Marijuana Policy

In an interview with the Portland Trailblazers star guard CJ McCollum, National Basketball Association NBA Commissioner Adam Silver expressed his view that the leagues marijuana prohibition stance is fine … at least for now. The concerns he expressed were centered around travel risks with the mishmash of different state laws. […]

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Oregon State Fair Welcomes Cannabis Growers for Second Year

Once again the Oregon Cannabis Growers and Consumers Fair (OCGCF) is coming to the Oregon State Fairgrounds. This second annual event was the very first of its kind last year when it debuted and made international news due to the participation of the Oregon State Fair and the uniqueness of […]

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Mickey Martin: The Big Mouth With A Big Heart

When I started writing about the atrocities of the drug war, I had no idea the gamut of people involved in the “community” nor did I realize some do it just to position themselves in a cornered market and others are just fighting for their civil right. Recently the cannabis […]

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What State Smokes The Most Marijuana?

What do you think? I think Oregon is the winner, per capita anyway. Badass Glass made up this infographic and they say it’s Colorado, but I have to question the science behind that, being an Oregonian and all.  They seem to use popular sources for their numbers. One of the […]

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Washington State Cannabis Review: Legit Canna Farms

Recently I had the chance to test products from a Southern Washington Farm and am more than happy to tell you about it. I even Live Streamed the beginning but found the audience too distracting from me experiencing the plant. Like A Good Neighbor, A Good Farmer Is There One of […]