Canada: Marijuana Legalization Moves One Step Closer To Becoming A Reality

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When Justin Trudeau was campaigning to become Canada’s Prime Minister, marijuana legalization was a big part of his platform. So when he won the 2015 election in Canada, hopes were at an all-time high that he would make good on his campaign promise. An official push for legalization was announced not too long after, and a date was set for July 1, 2018 as the goal for legalization to take effect.

Since the April 2017 announcement of the introduction of legislation that would legalize cannabis in Canada, Canada’s government has been working towards making legalization a reality. Just as is the case in America (and probably everywhere), the legislative process in Canada takes time. Canada moved one step closer today with the passage of
bill C-45 by Canada’s House of Commons. Per CBC News:

MPs passed the Liberal government’s bill to legalize cannabis Monday evening, sending the legislation down the hall to the Senate for further study and debate.

The legislation was largely supported along partisan lines, although it secured the support of the NDP and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. The final vote was 200 MPs in favour, with 82 against. Conservative MP Scott Reid voted for the bill after he polled constituents in his eastern Ontario riding, Lanark—Frontenac—Kingston, and found a plurality supported the Liberal plan.

Three significant amendments were made to the original version of the bill that was crafted by a Commons committee. The first is the elimination of a plan to cap home-grown cannabis plants to 100 centimeters in height. The second involves the enactment of regulations for cannabis edibles within 1 year of the bill’s passage, and the third is an agreement to review the bill in three years, which seemed inevitable anyways in my opinion. The bill now moves to Canada’s Senate.

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