Blockchain Cannabis Social Network To Put An End To The Mindless Censorship Of Cannabis Pages

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All cannabis business will be familiar with the mindless censorship employed by social media giants such as Instagram and Facebook.

Legal marijuana businesses with thousands of followers stand to completely lose access to their online community in an instant and live in constant fear of censorship thanks to the nonchalant attitude of social media corporations towards cannabis.

One new blockchain startup is looking to put an end to this rampant discrimination by launching a decentralized social network that is immune to censorship by both corporations and world governments alike.

Smoke Network is a project launched by a team of dedicated stoners with previous experience in the cannabis industry and an active community of over half a million users under their existing 420Smokers brand.

Similar to the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, they plan on launching a ‘blockchain’ that is hosted across the world and is free from censorship or interference from outside parties. All data is secured via cryptography and distributed across hosts across the world.

To put it simply, the blockchain will allow for Smoke Network to be a free platform owned and run by the community that can’t be shut down even by world governments with anti-marijuana agendas.

This means that cannabis users and legitimate cannabis businesses will have a new platform and community to engage with without the fear of being censored or marginalized by large corporations.

To top at all off, users on the network will have the ability to earn cryptocurrency for post content and discovering high quality content.

The Smoke Network airdrop is currently open and allows anyone to sign-up to receive a small portion of the Smoke cryptocurrency to use on the platform on launch.  Cannabis business and users can sign-up early for instant access to the network on launch.

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