BioMauris’ Based Seed-To-Retail Platform Launches In Iowa

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BioMauris LLC, today announced that its proprietary seed to retail platform, built on, has launched on schedule for the state of Iowa. Per contract and milestone definitions, Iowa targeted a launch of its medical CBD program for December 1, 2018. Post contract execution, Iowa and BioMauris began design 8 months ago, March of 2018.

As the first state contract for BioMauris, which leverages the world’s top-rated CRM, Salesforce, being able to deliver full scope of requirements on time is a tremendous step forward for the industry. The launch of BioMauris platform in Iowa, coincides with the recent launch of BioMauris point of sale system, providing the first fully integrated, cloud based, seed to retail environment in the industry.

Founder and President Erik Emerson stated, “We are extremely proud of our team and the state of Iowa for meeting and exceeding all timelines. We have an unparalleled product in terms of security, customization and scalability which allowed us to deliver on time. Providing a premier product to the state of Iowa, on time, allowing its patients access to the medications that can positively impact their lives is an important milestone for all.”

“The Iowa Department of Public Health could not be more pleased with the dedication, timeliness, and attention to detail that BioMauris has displayed during development of this product for Iowa,” said IDPH Deputy Director Sarah Reisetter. “The launch of this platform is a critical milestone for Iowa’s medical cannabidiol program and BioMauris has been an outstanding partner.”

BioMauris’ platform’s flexibility allows it to integrate with external systems, including the manufacturers, dispensaries and US Bank for patient registration and payment. The robust reporting and data management capabilities, provides Iowa Department of Public Health the ability to access all inventory movement, dispensary sales, and patient activity in real-time. Being fully PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliant, allows the program to securely process payments and protect sensitive patient information.

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About BioMauris

BioMauris provides a single, secure, scalable solution to meet all tracking needs of the cannabis supply chain and retail operations, delivering the industry its first fully cloud based, seed to retail system.

Source: BioMauris press release

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