Bill Introduced To Kill Local Tennessee Marijuana Decriminalization


Once upon a time, the cities of Nashville and Memphis passed measures that would decriminalize marijuana possession within city limits. The measures were not as good as legalization, but were definitely better than prohibition. Decriminalizing marijuana helps save tax dollars from not arresting and/or jailing people for marijuana possession. It also helps ensure that people’s lives won’t be ruined for possessing a plant that is safer than alcohol.

Apparently those obvious facts didn’t mean enough to some Representatives in Tennessee who introduced a bill that would nullify both local marijuana decriminalization measures, as well as prevent any future ones from taking effect. Per The Tennesseean:

The House of Representatives approved a bill on Thursday that would nullify the partial marijuana decriminalization laws approved in Nashville and Memphis last year.

The legislation, sponsored by Rep. William Lamberth, R-Cottontown, would repeal any local law that is inconsistent with penalties in state statues pertaining to drug control and narcotics. The bill would also prevent local governments from creating their own sanctions.

The legislation was introduced in response to ordinances passed by city councils in Memphis and Nashville.

This bill is obviously intended to carry out the person views of it sponsors, and not meant to serve the best interests of the citizens of Memphis, Nashville, or residents of the State of Tennessee. If Representatives really wanted to do what is best for the citizens that elected them, they would quit wasting time on harmful legislation such as this and get on board with introducing (and passing) legislation that reform’s Tennessee’s outdated marijuana laws. Right now possession of 14 grams or less is a misdemeanor in Tennessee, with possession of over that amount being a felony. That’s ridiculous.

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