Avengers: Infinity War…on Weed Review

Avengers Infinity War

After a bit of a hiatus to Europe for the International Cannabis Business Conference, I’m back for another movie review…on weed. My last review was on April 3rd Ready Player One, which I liked, a sincere thanks to everyone who checked that one out. The Avengers: Infinity War exceeded my expectations and then some. I usually try to stay as spoiler-free as possible, so I didn’t have that many expectations, other than I expected a good movie as Marvel has been on a roll with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, Thor: Ragnorak, and Black Panther being rather exceptionally good comic book movies, in my humble opinion.

Yes, I’m assuming that the Blue City Diesel joint that I smoked before we embarked on our trek to Cinetopia (don’t worry, I had a designated driver) helped increase the enjoyment of the movie, but I’m certain even non-tokers will enjoy the flick, especially those that are fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The Rotten Tomatoes reviews back up my feelings about the movie. While the 84% critics rating is lower than the scores received by other Marvel blockbusters like Iron Man, Black Panther, Dr. Strange, and Thor: Ragnorak, the audience rating of 92% (as of today) ranks as high as any movie in the MCU. Also, the movie has already smashed global box office records.

Minor spoiler: There is one extra scene, apparently called a “stinger” I recently learned, after the credits. The movie is about 2 hours and 40 minutes, but you’ll have time to go use the restroom right after the movie and get back in time for the bonus scene (I did), as apparently 50% of Hollywood worked on this movie, so the credits are LOOOOOOOOOONG.


Now for the spoiler section of the review. Infinity War starts just after Thor: Ragnorak ends, with Thanos and his minions laying waste to all of the Asgardians on board with Thor and Loki. Thanos, shockingly, to me anyway, thoroughly beats up the Hulk (seemingly giving the big green guy post-traumatic stress disorder as he never wants to “come out” the rest of the movie, and chokes Loki, the God of Mischief, to death. This opening scene really sets the stage for the rest of the movie. We get a powerful villain and we know that the stakes are extremely high. Thanos even becomes a better villain throughout the movie after we learn about his motivations.

I won’t spoil every scene, but will add that I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the characters interact. We get Dr. Strange, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark together. Tony Stark is freaking hilarious! Stark and Spider-Man have plenty of screen time together, and while the Black Panther doesn’t get a lot of non-fighting screen time, it is cool getting to see Wakanda again, especially Shuri who is hilarious and apparently the smartest person on Earth.

I’m a big Guardians of the Galaxy fan (especially Groot), so seeing the Guardians interact with Thor and then Iron Man were the highlights of the movie for me. Since I was born and raised in the Show-Me State, my favorite part of the movie was when Star-Lord said, “I’m not from Earth, I’m from Missouri!” And the death of Gomorra was just heart-breaking. Another highlight for me was seeing some powerful women heroes, but one of my nit-picks was that the women, like Black widow, should get some solo screen time. Aslo, Scarlet Witch should have been front and center during the climactic battle in Wakanda. I did like the fact that Okoye (played by Danai Gurira) exclaimed something along the lines of, “Why wasn’t she out here the whole time?”

The ending of this movie was a brave choice. Having the villain “win” is a bold choice, and seeing half of all life die, including watching a bunch of superheroes that we care about evaporate into some kind of ash was a powerful ending. Of course, we know that there are too many sequels for all of these heroes to die permanently, but it was still a compelling conclusion. The bonus stinger continued the mass deaths as it showed Nick Fury (played by Samuel Jackson) and Maria Hill witnessing people disappearing in New York City and the chaos that ensues. The movie ends with Fury sending a signal to Captain Marvel.

I give Avengers: Infinity War an A+, as do two of my Let’s Hash It Out podcast co-hosts. One of my co-hosts gave the movie an A-, so it is safe to say that we encourage folks to see this movie. Please give a listen to our review (spoilers don’t start until just after 13 minutes) and catch up with all of our podcasts at LetsHashItOut.blog, SoundCloud, iTunes, or, of course, here at Weed News.

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