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Cryptocurrency For Cannabis?

Legal marijuana dispensaries have struggled with not being able to accept cards (such as credit card or debit card) payments for their products. While dispensaries are perfectly legal in certain states according to state law, taking electronic payments for them (specifically debit card and credit card payments) are not possible […]

Growing Marijuana

Pruning: The Different Methodologies

How can you improve the yields of your marijuana plant? Prune your plant strategically; the key to bigger and healthier buds. Though essentially, pruning means cutting off parts of your plant, but it is not all this simple. You have to chop of your plant in a certain way to […]

Growing Marijuana

Types Of Marijuana: Sativa, Indica, And Ruderalis

Marijuana is more than just marijuana. It comes in different genders, strains, and genetic combinations. Understanding the background and genetic details of your particular marijuana plant is critical to ensuring their ideal growing environment. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of marijuana plants. Cannabis Sativa This seems […]

Growing Marijuana

How Much Marijuana Could A Garden Yield?

Anyone who is growing marijuana is going to be thinking about how to get the highest yield possible per marijuana plant. Some simply want to know what yield to expect because they like to plan ahead, while others just want more, more, more. Here’s what you can expect with regards […]

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Growing Marijuana

Leaf Death And Marijuana Plants

What Is Leaf Death? Leaf death on your marijuana plants can come as a surprise, but you will know it’s coming. If you see discoloration (yellow, brown, gray, sometimes even red), and edges curling, the leaves falling off may soon follow. The key is to diagnose the problem as quickly […]

Growing Marijuana

How To Water Your Marijuana Plants

No matter what environment your plants are growing in, they are going to require lots of water. Because the amount and frequency of watering required changes according to the environment the plant is growing in, it can be one of the trickiest aspects of raising healthy marijuana plants. Water is […]