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Global Drug War

Cayman Islands Seizes Marijuana Leaf Apparel

While The Bahamas continues to be stubborn on marijuana decriminalization or the acceptance of medical marijuana, the Cayman Islands has gone so far as to seize ganja related apparel, including items that have a simple cannabis leaf. Its a crazy idea which makes little sense because wearing a ganja leaf […]

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Cannabis Culture

NBA Commissioner Wont Change League Marijuana Policy

In an interview with the Portland Trailblazers star guard CJ McCollum, National Basketball Association NBA Commissioner Adam Silver expressed his view that the leagues marijuana prohibition stance is fine … at least for now. The concerns he expressed were centered around travel risks with the mishmash of different state laws. […]

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Marijuana Legalization

SEC Tweets Offensive Marijuana Prohibition Joke

In what many cannabis activists are considering a supremely ignorant, offensive, and inappropriate tweet, The Securities and Exchange Commission office in Fort Worth, Texas, tweeted a bad joke about cannabis regarding it’s illegality. And, it was one everyone has heard before … a bad variation on the old “joint custody” […]

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Cannabis Culture

Oregon State Fair Welcomes Cannabis Growers for Second Year

Once again the Oregon Cannabis Growers and Consumers Fair (OCGCF) is coming to the Oregon State Fairgrounds. This second annual event was the very first of its kind last year when it debuted and made international news due to the participation of the Oregon State Fair and the uniqueness of […]

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Global Drug War

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Issues Asset Forfeiture Guidelines

The United States Attorney General has come out with new policy guidelines that will increase the use of asset forfeiture in drug related cases. In a memorandum July 19, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions reiterated his earlier position with an official policy memorandum that explains the position and why he thinks it […]

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Marijuana Studies

Courts Forcing Youth Into Marijuana Treatment

A new study recently published in the journal Substance Use & Misuse reports that over half of all young people (ages 12 to 20) are being referred to treatment for marijuana use by the criminal justice system. The study covered a 17 year period and was done by the University […]

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Marijuana Legalization

Chris Christie Invited to Discuss Marijuana at Addiction Summit

The United States’ small, but determined, marijuana prohibition organization is planning a marijuana education summit in Baltimore, Maryland, in August. Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) has invited the always bloviating, amazingly selfish, and ridiculously petty New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to speak at the event, even though his expertise in […]