Antonio Bascaro, Longest-Serving Cannabis Prisoner In U.S. History, To Finally Be Released

(image via High Times)

Antonio Bascaro is 83 years old and has served over 39 years in prison for a cannabis offense. Bascaro has the unfortunate title of being the longest-serving cannabis prisoner in United States history. After nearly four decades behind bars, Antonio is finally set for release.

As cannabis reform spreads and the cannabis industry continues to grow at an epic pace, people serving time for cannabis are getting left behind and that’s horrific, to say the least. People should not be in prison for an activity that others are currently profiting from legally.

The outstanding cannabis activist Cheri Sicard, who has worked tirelessly to bring attention to the plight of people serving time for cannabis, posted the following message on her Facebook page:

“Hi Cheri:

Just a short line to let you all know that I just talk to my Case manager and she confirmed my release day on May 1, 2019, finally Thanks to GOD, I’ll be a free man again, after more than 39 years of impeccable incarceration for a nonviolent Marijuana Conspiracy.

Thanks God, finally my release date is set, my family are happy, and I know you too, as well as some of our activists friends.

Please let them know about my release, and tell them, that I’ll contact all of them as soon as possible after my release. Tell them that I’ll be eternally grateful of all of them, and for you a big HUG with all my heart.

I want to thanks you all for your actions toward my release, and I’ll be grateful of all of you for all the help you gave me and my family, and hope someday in a near future, I’ll be able to thanks you personally,




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