Amy Pharr: Guilty For Using Her Inalienable Right As An American In A Small Town

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When is it okay to post an individual’s information online for a non-violent crime? This arrest has permanently ruined life in a small town for a nurse just trying to maintain her pain in small-minded America. What kind of the offence is worth alternating another person’s life when the pursuit of happiness is what makes America great.

Amy Pharr was arrested on March 20th, 2017 for 2 grams of marijuana and brownies. On March 21st The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office posted her arrest photo and work info over 2 grams of marijuana and some brownies. Amy Pharr

Following her arrest, it is more than likely that she could lose her license for choosing a natural path to treat her ailments. Amy suffers from degenerative disc disease and decided not to take narcotics. In the midst of an opioid crisis The State of North Carolina, more specifically the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office, wants this woman to treat herself with the legal choice, a choice that can kill her – how is this justice or makes sense in America, this is why we can’t have nice things.

Amy Pharr’s small town life and reputation has been ruined by what would retail anywhere on the West Coast for under 100 bucks, how is this justice? Besides her now pending litigation to save her livelihood, the ex-husband has threatened that “she will never see her daughter again.” The war on drugs, a war that is based on racially charged testimony, not science has ruined another American life, two as a matter of fact; because children should never be used as pawns against the other parent, especially if the issue is marijuana arrest for an amount that sits in my kitchen.

What Amy Pharr’s life has been changed forever for is what many Americans on the West Coast know as a nightcap or their Saturday night, nothing worth detaining a person for.

I started this articles asking when is it okay to punish someone for pot and the answer is never. The State of North Carolina, the Sheriff’s of Columbus County do themselves and America a disservice by choosing to arrest a caregiver, mom, an American over 2 grams and brownies.

This is a prime example of why there are police and community tensions, a perfect example of why America isn’t great yet, again.



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