Alaska Politician Proposes Ban On Marijuana Discounts For Active Military


Military veterans benefit from consuming marijuana. Marijuana has been proven to be an effective medicine for such things as PTSD and chronic pain which are things that many military veterans suffer from. Marijuana is also a safer alternative to alcohol, which is a substance that I know many of my military friends enjoy. There are a number of reasons why a military veteran, active or retired, would want to consume marijuana in states where it is legal.

This of course brushes aside any concerns about drug testing in the military, which is something that I am not too familiar with being that I was never in the military. But my opinion is that if a military veteran is able to responsibly consume marijuana without fear of repercussions, they should be able to. I also feel that they should be entitled to a discount when they make a purchase at a licensed marijuana outlet, just like military members do when making many other purchases.

Unfortunately it sounds like a politician in Alaska disagrees, and wants to outlaw active duty military discounts at marijuana stores. Per ADN:

Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar says Anchorage pot shops shouldn’t be allowed to offer discounts to active members of the U.S. military as long as buying pot jeopardizes a soldier’s job.

An ordinance Dunbar plans to introduce to the Assembly on Tuesday spells out a broad ban on offering or advertising discounts on pot products for active soldiers in Anchorage. That includes glass pipes or other paraphernalia, Dunbar said.

The motivating factor cited for introducing the legislation is that Assemblyman Dunbar doesn’t want to ‘entice’ military members into doing something that violates federal law, and therefore military rules. But military members are going to make purchases if they want to, regardless of if there’s a discount or not. This bill doesn’t ‘fix’ the ‘problem’ that Assemblyman Dunbar thinks exists. All it really does is take away a military discount for a customer, and nothing more. This bill is a waste of time, and may even ‘entice’ military members to shy away from marijuana and turn to much more harmful substances.

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