Advocates Launch Medical Cannabis Campaign In Utah


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Monday, the Utah Patients Coalition (UPC) launched a 2018 medical cannabis ballot initiative campaign. The Marijuana Policy Project will help to lead this effort to victory next year, and are excited for the historic campaign ahead!

The goal of the ballot initiative is simple: to establish a medical cannabis program that allows Utah patients to legally and safely access medicine without breaking the law. You can read a summary of the initiative here.

Denying patients safe access to a medicine that helps them is cruel and unjust. If a doctor and patient decide that medical marijuana is an appropriate treatment, they shouldn’t fear arrest or punishment.

Utah Patients Coalition

We hope you will join the UPC Facebook page and sign up to volunteer! The signature drive will be starting soon, and the campaign needs volunteers in Utah to help.

Marijuana Policy Project has a strong record of leading successful marijuana policy reform efforts through ballot initiatives across the country, including the successful 2010 campaign to establish a medical marijuana program in Arizona.

With your help, Utah patients can access the medicine they need without being criminals.

Matt Schweich
Director of State Campaigns
Marijuana Policy Project

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