6th-Straight 2016 Poll Shows Majority Supports Marijuana Legalization


On Jan. 1, [2014,] Colorado made history as the first jurisdiction in the modern era to license the retail sales of marijuana.

Colorado’s experience, ironically, might eventually teach us that legalization’s worst enemy is itself.

Constantly downplaying the risks of marijuana, its advocates have promised reductions in crime, flowing tax revenue and little in the way of negative effects on youth. We shouldn’t hold our breath, though.

Those are the words of “the quarterback of the anti-legalization movement”, Kevin Sabet. He’s the founder of the nation’s leading anti-legalization organization, Project SAM. Back on January 17, 2014, he wrote an op-ed in the Washington Times entitled, “Colorado will show why legalizing marijuana is a mistake“.

Sabet was certain that once the specter of “Big Marijuana” was unleashed on the American public, we’d see the results of a predatory drug industry luring our kids into a life of stoned depravity. We’d see the increases in crime, social costs that dwarf tax revenues, and we’d come to oppose marijuana legalization.

Unfortunately for Sabet, American pollsters keep asking us what we think of marijuana legalization and, despite “Big Marijuana” establishing a foothold in three states already, we keep saying we support marijuana legalization, culminating in four more states passing legalization in the past election.

The Harris Poll is the latest and probably last in 2016 to ask about marijuana legalization. Fifty percent of its respondents support the issue, up a point from the time they asked last year. Harris has the lowest level of support of six polls that asked the question this year. AP, Gallup, and PRI all recorded polls of support at 60 percent or higher.

Yes, it does kind of look like a sperm… a sperm about impregnate America with a little liberty!

How is it that after three years of legal marijuana sales in Colorado, two-and-a-half years in Washington, and one-and-a-half years in Oregon, the American public overwhelmingly supports marijuana legalization?

Could it be because the people in those three states seem to believe their legalization of marijuana is a success?

Or because Sabet’s scaremongering about youth use increases have proven unfounded?

Or because the fear there would be stoned mayhem on the freeways never materialized?

Or because marijuana tax revenues have far exceeded any imaginary social costs Kevin Sabet won’t quantify?

Whatever the reason, since Kevin Sabet wrote that op-ed, there have been 22 national polls on legalizing marijuana. Only one of those polls showed more opposition than support. If my team’s quarterback was 1-21 after three seasons, I’d demand that the coach send him to the bench.

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