4/20: The Day The Earth Stands Still

Its 420 somewhere

4/20, another day and another year the world didn’t collapse despite what some people (Kevin Sabet, etc…) who can’t hold real jobs want you to believe. The most dangerous thing about 4/20 is that it’s Hitler’s Birthday.

It’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Happy Birthday, and Memorial Day all wrapped up in one insane blunt. Especially when 420 lands on a Friday, then 420 becomes one of those religious holidays that last more than one day.

4/20 in a legal State should be on your stoner bucket list. I am fortunate enough to live in a State with the best attitude towards the plant and according to our Governor, “The best weed.” Legal states mean the police and community have a non-dysfunctional relationship, opposed to the rest of America. Before I continue to the fun stuff I would like to address the yearly elephant in the room;

Southern Pines Police Department Are AssholesSouthern Pines Police Department Bad Review

Dear Barley Able To Get A GED Police;

Fuck your 420 jokes. It pains me when I see cops making light of this “drug” that has real consequences, not due to consumption (personal responsibility, no one forced you to smoke), but the flawed law that has men growing old and potentially to die behind bars thus making any law to do with cannabis still potentially a life/ death sentence.


Resonably Thinking Americans

I am going to briefly touch upon some of the things I attended and did in a “legal” State than follow through later on with specific articles with more videos and pictures.

My 4/20 began on 4/19 with Blunt Talks in Fremont, Wa. at the Silicon Valley of Cannabis known as The Ruckus Room, a working think tank that housed over five different cannabis products in the market or up and coming.

Besides the venue (The Ruckus Room) being a fantastic place, the diverse range of cannabis guests allowed for great social networking, and the talks were equally amazing. Blunt Talks was organized locally by Amber Joy and hosted by the talented Sam Zartoshty thanks to Tarukino and The Paragon Group.

This 4/20 I went to the 420 Fest hosted by Seattle Hempfest. It was a beautiful event of cannaisseurs and activist, all together to celebrate a plant and each other but to me, the real story was when I accidentally went to the wrong 420 party thinking it was The Hempfest party.

Walking where my GPS was telling me to go, I saw a party being held at a bar on the way. I saw 420 ballons, one of those blow up dancing man, along with the smell of weed due to the consumption tent in the parking lot; I thought this must be it. As I was walking towards the scent of freedom, I saw a police car’s brake lights light up as people were crossing the street. I thought “Oh shit, the party is over even before it got started.” but instead the officer went on his way as people peacefully and happily celebrated the most unofficial American universal holiday.

JBD Brought to you by Weekend Unlimited

On 4/21 I had the honor to attend one day of the 3-day event for the blowing of the biggest glass bong by Jerome Baker Designs. Besides watching the amazing ballet of multiple people working with 1000 degree molten lava, the story behind Jerome Baker Designs is one that needs to be told along with the many other victims of the misguided war on drugs.

Jerome Baker Designs was created at a time when glassblowing was not just an art but the art of outlaws. Under the moniker of Jerome Baker, Jason Harris produced some of the most beautiful and functional tools of the trade. His success was his momentary downfall as the Federal Government decided to make an example out of him and so many others along with Tommy Chong during 2003’s Operation Pipe Dreams.

Meeting Jason Harris and his crew was the highlight of my weekend. I come from a place where I’ve always had an appreciation for good glass but could never afford one. During my time Graffix bongs were the go to, and all the other stuff was wishful thinking, but it was after this event I was able to walk away with a Jason Baker Designs, and this will sit on my shelf like an Oscar.

The Jerome Baker Designs event in Fremont was sponsored by Weekend Unlimited, Diego Pellicer, and the kind blowers who donated their time for one last hoorah at a place that will be closing its doors soon. The bong was blown in Fremont, Wa. but will be assembled in Las Vegas at the Cannabition.

Stay Tuned for my next articles, as I get into detail on each event.

Jerome Baker Design Constructs World's Largest Bong

Introducing bongzilla! We're live with Charlie Lowrie of Jerome Baker Design as he constructs the world's largest bong in Seattle, WA ?Presented by Cannabition, Jerome Baker Design, and Weekend Unlimited

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