4/20: Never Forget

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4/19: A Day For Celebration

I had the privilege to attend a 4/19 party hosted by two amazing people, Neil Lequia and Amanda Mac, in Washington State’s cannabis industry. The party was full of beautiful people, a nacho bar on the ground and a dab bar on the upper level, the DJ was on point, and there was even a game of cornhole going on. One of my favorite nuances for this cannabis-themed 4/19 party, besides the dab bar, was the water infused with terpenes to simulate the flavors of different strains. Oh, and the couture chocolates supplied by Wave edibles.

Washington State’s cannabis culture has two different stories, and both are just important, signs of progress. The first story, the one I had the honor to witness, was one full of the elderly and sick, wheelchair outlaws everywhere. Events included fundraising legal fees for people fighting charges from Federal raids and parties went unnoticed by the general population because responsible cannabis consumption is not like Octoberfest.

Events are just as underground as they were before, for now, for there’s the fun police known as the WSLCB. One needs to be on a mailing list or know someone; one cannot just pop in. The I502 event scene is everything you could wish for in a world of legalization, peacefully consuming copious amounts of cannabis and not going to jail. Whether you believe in legalization because its medicine or a civil right, Washington State has got you covered.

Frederick Douglas Almost Never Smiled

4/20 is a day of celebration and mourning for me and others, a day like Juneteenth. Never forget the atrocities committed in the name of the law. Frederick Douglass never smiled because he understood the power of an image. He didn’t want his image to used as an endorsement in someone’s minstrel show, and that’s how I feel when I attend these events. The science and common sense is here. Our world thrives better when we don’t use racism and false science to create a policy to protect citizens of the United States, ending prohibition will only make us great.

Never forget the past, I will never forget being pulled over for an out brake light. Handcuffed and stuffed in the back of a police car while five more cars showed up to tear my vehicle apart. All this over an eighth I was honest about upon my encounter or when I handcuffed and put in the paddy wagon in Wyoming because I stopped for being too dark to drive without of State plates while being honest with Yes, that is marijuana shake you see in the cupholder. When you arrest me, you arrest the average American, not Al Capone or El Chapo. Marijuana is just a plant, and those who choose to partake, growing or smoking, shouldn’t be prosecuted.

Never forget Gary Shepherd, a Vietnam Vet, killed for finding God and cannabis on his plot of land.

Never forget Rainbow Farms and the domestic siege that took the life of two men who were living ahead of their time.

Never forget Richard Flor, whose five-year sentence turned into a death sentence.

Never forget that people in power villainized cannabis consumers, not for public safety but public control, more importantly, control of minorities and free-thinking white people called hippies.

Never forget that the American Government once poisoned Mexican fields to deter American use.

Never forget the whole time people have been serving time for everything from conspiracy charges to selling bongs across State lines while the Government held patent 6630507 and had eight federal marijuana patients.

We must never forget our past so that we can have a better future. So we can be better.

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