10 Reasons To Support Seattle Hempfest

Seattle Hempfest
Seattle HempFest in August 2006, a 1960s-style love-in for all things hemp and marijuana at a waterfront park near downtown. Lots of people, pipes and bongs, hemp-seed brownies, hemp clothing, music and the politics of marijuana legalization -- mixed with sun and the occasional whiff of cannabis, despite the heavy police presence.

It’s a new year which means another year for one of the largest gatherings of cannabis enthusiasts and the curious, Seattle Hempfest.

Seattle Hempfest is in its 28th year and remains one of the most relevant smoke-ins, standing for prisoners of the past, present, and future, the sick and dying, and everything in between which includes liberty. It stands to be an example of how thousands of people can civilly gather in the name of a plant: the social experiment that is no longer an experiment but an experience.

Every year Seattle Hempfest shares the stories of the sick and incarcerated. Every year Seattle Hempfest tries to make a difference in the war on us. Yearly they sponsor prisoners until they’re free, one such individual is George Martorano who is now on the outside. Its Jimmy Romans turn for support, a man whose sentence was reduced from life in prison to 30 years, still a long way to go.

Seattle Hempfest has been able to tough out the fight against city council ignorance and greed in part because it is a nonprofit, unlike its sister festival 5 hours south in Portland known as Hempstalk which was another wonderful peaceful yearly gathering for cannabis.

The Bong Rip Heard Across The World

Hug The Police

Policing in Seattle is not the best, but it’s also not also the worse. I feel safer in Seattle than I do in other major cities and I attribute part of that to what now coming on 28 years of Seattle Hempfest.

Its sold out man, Gone Commercial

And I say, “So?”. Even if this is true, Why is it shameful for hippies to make an income? Flyers aren’t free; permits aren’t free, Vivian and so many others devote their time to creating an event that is free. There are many factors in making the mile and a half stretch of park a safe place for attendees and residents; everyone involved needs to be praised and applauded. Their success is your success; it’s part of a conversation that allows what you to do with cannabis, whether it’s personal or business.

Why can President’s of other nonprofits for disease or the disenfranchised reap in six figures while it’s frowned upon that those in cannabis put food on the table while fighting the good fight?

I titled this article 10 reasons to support Seattle Hempfest and was going to list past and present prisoners with no#10 being something like “And for all those soon to be victims of the judicial system” but there are more than 10 reasons to support Hempfest when there are more than 10 prisoners, more than 10 sick kids, more than 10 broken families, and so forth.

Seattle Hempfest is a mile and half that proves prohibition doesn’t work but don’t take my word for it. Visit their website and social media, donate, volunteer, or attend, in any way you can Support Seattle Hempfest. Our country is at a crisis, and it has nothing to do with walls but everything to do with our judicial system and perception of right and wrong.

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