Texas Narcotics Agent: No Solid Evidence That Marijuana Is Medicine


The Texas Legislature begins tomorrow, and marijuana reform is shaping up to be one of the hottest topics of the session. Several bills have already been pre-filed, some of which involve decriminalization. At least one would put medical marijuana on the ballot for Texas voters to decide. Texas is already a ‘CBD-only’ state, but the law on the books is basically just a symbolic public policy gesture.

I recently read an article about the upcoming session and the marijuana reform bills involved, and it had some of the most reefer madness caliber arguments that I’ve heard in awhile, courtesy of Texas Department of Public Safety narcotics agent Corky Schalchlin. Agent Schalchlin was in full form while offering up quotes to NBCDFW, one of which can be found below:

“Are you going to have a doctor show up to surgery who has been smoking or a nurse? A fireman?” he asked. “If you legalize it, are you going to have police officers out there carrying a gun that have been smoking? It’s scary. I think it’s a slippery slope.”

No. The quick answer to Agenty Schalchlin’s questions is simply ‘no.’ Nowhere in any bill in the history of the Texas Legislature has an elected official proposed that doctors, fireman, and/or police officers should be allowed to perform their job duties while impaired by marijuana. To suggest so is fear mongering on an epic level.

These words are not surprising, considering the same agent told the media outlet that ‘there’s no solid evidence that marijuana is really a medicine.’ Oh really? Because last time I checked there is a massive amount of solid evidence that marijuana is really a medicine. As far back as 2010 there were over 20,000 studies on marijuana. The federal government owns a medical marijuana patent, grows medical marijuana at the University of Mississippi, and dispenses medical marijuana to federal medical marijuana patients, and has for decades.

Marijuana is a medicine, proven by science. i know that doesn’t fit with the spin that marijuana opponents like Agent Schalchlin are trying to convince people to believe, but the facts are the facts. Agent Schalchlin is lying about the science behind marijuana, and is lying about what the bills being proposed would really allow. The negligence on the part of Agent Schalchlin may not be so alarming if it weren’t for the countless suffering patients in Texas and for the people who are having their lives ruined in Texas for a plant that has been found to be 114 times safer than alcohol.

Johnny Green
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  1. Since alcohol is already legal in Texas, they need to have a thorough and honest discussion about alcohol vs. cannabis. They need to explain how justice and public safety are served by alcohol supremacism over cannabis, when it is very, very clear that alcohol is so much more dangerous than cannabis to life, limb and fetus that there is utterly no comparison.
    But they won’t do any of this, the majority will keep lying their alcohol supremacist bigot heads off.

  2. A Texas narc, and you expect sense from a payed liar? That is all narcs are are liars. They know better and use these substances their selves.
    The fact that 29 states are using cannabis as medicine shows there is medical effect. Deniers of these facts are incapable of telling the truth they have drank the koolaid and want you too as well.

  3. Prohibitionist, lying scum ALWAYS mention “smoking”,
    (“as IF” that were the only way cannabis can be consumed).

    They also bring up the
    “OMFG, pilots, surgeons firefighters are going to show up stoned!” scare rhetoric…
    when, in practice, these safety-sensitive professions “already” have their own
    protocols in place regarding good ole “legal” alcohol,
    (e.g, airline pilots are not allowed to fly a plane IF they have consumed alcohol
    x number of hours prior…).

    • But pilots fly drunk quite frequently as do cops do their job impaired as do many other people who deal with the public in a safety or medical capacity not only alcohol but prescription drugs and also tobacco but those are legal right….?…..bull crap All of those drugs Kill but not Cannabis so we do not see how your argument makes sense!!

    • The smoking thing always drives me nuts as well. An immediate indication that someone either has no clue, or a major agenda to protect.

  4. No evidence cops are worth a shit either. They ever finish that back log of murders and rapes? Na to busy doing undercover buys of weed from college kids and poor blacks.

    • I’ve actually watched a few Law Enforcement Against Prohibition seminars on this topic.

      The clearance rates of every major crime have plummeted since the War on Drugs began.

      For instance, in 1965, the solved murder rate was approx 90%.

      Today it’s closer to 65%.

      Despite all the increases in funding, technological advances etc.


      • unless the LEAP officers are at the head of the line for police being willing to face their charges of assault of the American ppl and more importantly the ppl of the world, I don’t care about their imagination march with Guns on Washington. The leaders of LEAP started the war. they were the first to sign up and lock ppl up. They live, because others died… nothing respectful there.

        • Undoubtedly they did some horrific things, but I’d still rather have them have a change of heart, out there fighting for legalization almost every day. We need people from all facets of the community out there revealing the horrifying unjustness of cannabis prohibition. Scientists, doctors, police, judges…. things will go much quicker that way and many more lives will be spared rather just having the cannabis community fighting for legalization. Things would move as slow as molasses that way, or possibly never even happen at all.

          I hear you about repenting for their iniquities, but c’mon, sorry that isn’t going to happen. I’d still rather have them have a change of heart and have them on board.

          This is not a perfect world and never will be.

          • we still sent the Nazis to jail who had a change of heart. why settle for less for a bigger war that took more lives, took more money and took longer… why not set an example. You know you were wrong, set an example or get off front line. you want an example, take 80 years of Americans selling pot in the face of being sent to the rape pins of American Justice. They want to stand up for us now after retiring on such abuses? naaaaaaaaaa duuuu, they don’t get my ok until they pull one of those guns they got on a real Prohibitionist. last time they “talked with” Kevin Sabot, all while he advocated for taking my life, they sat there and did nothing. they are nothing but a lobby cash cow prayin on our weaknesses, until proven otherwise.

          • I respect your opinion and I agree a lot of injustice has been done, but still, it’s never going to happen. So I guess you just figure, do you try to move on and progress and get things done, or hold a grudge and hate them. Your call, it’s a free country… well, somewhat.

            Not everyone is going to see things the same way you do, and there’s no way 10’s or 100’s of thousands of police officers in our society are going to be put on trial and tried for crimes against humanity. I’m not saying they didn’t do some terrible things, I just think it’s a battle and there are limited resources and I feel they should be focused elsewhere rather than focusing on hating LEAP.

            There are so many other things that need to be concentrated on first.

          • read about some of their own accounts of sending highschoolers to jail for 7 plus years for bringing them joints they asked for. shit like that. you want to be forgiven, go build a 6 by 5 and live in it for a few years. they do it, i would personally take time out of my life to deal with serving them meals and walking them for their alotted req time. and once a week, random big gay guy comes and just butt rapes the shit out of everyone, after the shower so it stays on for a day. you know, keep it equal. sending kids to rape boxes for a decade at times for a few joints. get raped on a weekly bases, throw some aids in there some herpy derpy. keep it koser.

            my feelings are a bit onesided and i personally would not want anyone to be raped, but the sad truth is, cops send us in droves to the rape box that is their prison. im not one to say life is fair, but damn, one side seems to have gotten the short stick, or long stick or what ever. holding up a sign that says “hey i know im retired from getting money on ur body count but if you will fund me some more, im down to tell my fellow shit fuck cops to possibly stop raping you.” no thank you.

  5. A narcotics cop? please. Unless he has a medical degree with a PHD, PHYS. and is called Dr. So and so his opinion is nothing but a loud mothed cop that know not what he is talking about. Just because he deprives people of their human and civil rights to control their own lives as adults does not make him any kind of an expert. It just makes him Gestapo for the morons in Washington D.C. that fail on a daily basis to serve the people of this nation and follow what the majority of the people want as our laws and country are supposed to do. He like the other moron president Obama just can’t understand the word FREEDOM and what it actually means. There Morons in Washington D.C. are not protecting anyone. They are just breaking up families, depriving children of living with their parents and putting more people into poverty. There are not enough prison in the entire world to incarcerate all the people in the U.S. alone that use Marijuana. They should all be put into stocks. horse whipped, and be Butt F-cked by any man or pissed of woman with a strap on that cannot find or does not have a husband or boyfriend.

  6. Xanax “severely impaired driving performance between 4 and 5 h after administration” according to one study. Xanax is the 9th best selling drug in the US. So the impairment argument against cannabis is null. Xanax driving study is titled “Cognitive, psychomotor and actual driving performance in healthy volunteers after immediate and extended release formulations of alprazolam 1 mg”.

  7. Without question the people recognize the opponents of freedom to use nature’s gifts (Cannabis specifically in this injustice) as one of two distinct groups.

    Agents that are paid to uphold unjust laws against nature (DEA, Money hungry officials that discount democracy & public health for their own monetary gain). The people will no longer allow these corrupt individuals to oppress the people.

    Beyond those who profit from this unjust war on a healing plant, there remain a small number of people that fear things they don’t understand or go against their faith. No one wants to hurt the freedom of these people’s beliefs. At the same time though it’s only fair to allow freedom to anyone wanting to use a herbal plant that’s non lethal and may very well improve their quality of life.

    Prohibition has never worked, and if we are to be a free race it’s a direct contradiction to deny access to something that does no harm. Time for this lie to end.

  8. Just another corrupt cop talking out his but. Do surgeons and police officers come to work drunk? Complete nonsense!

    Some of our lawmakers and police officials like this corrupt Narc are afraid of cannabis legalization. What scares them is losing soft targets cannabis users provide and the money from federal grants and personal property they’ve wrongly confiscated. These cops are addicted to that money and scared witless of losing it.

    Figures from the Center for Disease Control on numbers of deaths per year in the USA:

    * Prescription Drugs: 237,485 + 5000 traffic fatalities
    * Tobacco: 390,323
    * Alcohol: 88,013 + 16,000 traffic fatalities
    * Cocaine: 4,906
    * Heroin: 7,200
    * Aspirin: 466
    * Acetaminophen (Tylenol): 179
    * Marijuana: 0, none, not a single fatal overdose in all medical history and almost no traffic problems.

    So, which is safer???? Enough with the lies, just legalize, regulate and tax!!!

    • I’ve seen 2-3 stories recently pertaining to commercial airline pilots trying to board their flights totally drunk. I don’t see these lawmakers trying to ban alcohol.

    • Let us examine exactly who it is that has access to and control of more powerful prescription medication: doctors and surgeons. Seems we already trust them to a very large extent to practice self-control… And cannabis is already included in the battery of every drug screening. This proposal is not a recommended daily allowance, and does not prevent employers from making the same decision they currently make. Even a man named Corky could not believe the rhetoric he is spouting, but he obviously feels an obligation to his younger brothers in blue who feel threatened by any legislation that in any way renders them irrelevant. Additionally, without the phrase, “detected a strong aroma of marijuana..,” law-enforcement will be faced with the hassle of finding legitimate probable cause. This is also the agency that finds it appropriate to charge CBD dispensaries $1.3 million (U.S.) per license application and require a state trooper be on site to provide “security” at all times.

  9. The internet is soooo cool! In two minutes I found direct access to Corky Schalchin, who is now retired, but he is still in charge of lying to the public as editor and webmaster for the Texas Department of Public Safety.

    You can contact him directly below. You can also leave comments where they will be heard by Texans that do not read http://www.weednews.co, at some of the links below.


    Journal Editor Webmaster
    Corky Schalchlin
    Texas Department of Public Safety
    Drug Section



    Here is the message I sent to his personal email, tnoa@sbcglobal.net.

    Hello Mr. Schalchlin,

    Please help the public by providing them with the facts about cannabis.

    Misinformation is a disservice to the community you serve and un-American. Please learn more clicking on and reading the link below.


    Please consider joining Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, http://www.leap.cc/.


    Jorge Cervantes

  10. Right on, Johnny Green. Though a revision may be necessary for your sentence, “The federal government owns a medical marijuana patent,…” Right before Election Day, the brave advocates at illegallyhealed dot com broke a story about how the federal government “owns,” together with private banks and pharmaceutical companies, upwards of 400 patents utilizing natural and synthetic ‘cannabinoids’ (and other cannabis compounds) for medical purposes. This could be the proverbial ‘smoking gun’ to prove WHY the fraudulent word “marihuana” has remained in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act for 46 years. It’s at least a major scandal.

  11. Well. Hillary did say that it needs more study. If only she had gotten elected. Damn those Russians for revealing her secrets. If only she had been allowed to get away with lying.

    • Hillary Clinton is the least of our problems. Some argue that “Russian hackers” are just a false front for the real culprits, the so-called political Zionists, who have corrupted American presidents for decades as they aim to expand Israel’s borders at all costs. I doubt the Russians would be so stupid as to leave computer-hacking trails straight to Moscow and St. Petersburg. I’m no hater of Israel, home to legendary cannabis researchers led by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam. But as Noam Chomsky has pointed out many times, the constant U.S./Israel war-mongering—today entering a new round of bullying by best buddies Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu—does raise very troubling questions.

  12. This guy is just afraid that legalizing pot is going to put a huge dent in their pockets. Since the reason most people in jail today are there for non violent marijuana possession charges. It will make their jobs a little more difficult. They would have to go after the real criminals

  13. And it’s rocket surgeons like this bubba who control the Texas Legislature. I know: i live in this medieval state. And the cherry on the sundae is that there is no such thing as ballot initiative here. I mean, that would give some say to the people. Can’t have that in Texas… 😕

  14. In “The Land of the Free”, the question should be: Where’s the solid evidence to suggest a problem worthy of precious law-enforcement resources?

    “Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.” – Harry J. Anslinger

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