Jeff Sessions Provides Written Responses To Marijuana Questions From Senators


Jeff Sessions had his confirmation hearing recently, during which he was asked all types of questions from Senators. Some of those questions specifically touched on marijuana. The nomination of Jeff Sessions for United States Attorney General has caused a great amount of uncertainty in the marijuana world, both in America and abroad. President Donald Trump has made comments in the past that he supports reform, but has also made comments contradicting what he previously said. If you are an ‘actions speak louder than words’ person like me, then the nomination of Jeff Sessions likely scares you to your core.

Jeff Sessions provided answers to the marijuana related questions from his confirmation hearing. Those answers were neatly compiled and included in today’s ‘Tom Angell Report.’ The Tom Angell Report is jam packed with all types of marijuana information, whether it be local, state, national, or international news. I urge all Weed News readers to subscribe to the newsletter. Below are Jeff Sessions’ answers to questions he was asked about marijuana during his confirmation hearing:

  • “While I am generally familiar with the Cole memorandum, I am not privy to any internal Department of Justice data regarding the effectiveness and value of the policies contained within that memorandum… I will certainly review and evaluate those policies, including the original justifications for the memorandum, as well as any relevant data and how circumstances may have changed or how they may change in the future.”
  • “I will not commit to never enforcing Federal law. Whether an arrest and investigation of an individual who may be violating the law is appropriate is a determination made in individual cases based on the sometimes unique circumstances surrounding those cases, as well as the resources available at the time.”
  • A recent federal court ruling that a Congressional rider prevents the Justice Department from going after people complying with state medical marijuana laws “is relatively recent, and I am not familiar with how other courts may have interpreted the relevant appropriations language or the Ninth Circuit’s opinion. As an emerging issue, that is one that will need to be closely evaluated in light of all relevant law and facts… I will conduct such a review. Of course, medical marijuana use is a small part of the growing commercial marijuana industry.”
  • On “good people don’t smoke marijuana“: “My words have been grossly mischaracterized and taken out of context… I was discussing the value of treating people for using dangerous and illegal drugs like marijuana, and the context in which treatment is successful.”
  • “I echo Attorney General Lynch’s comments [on marijuana being illegal], and commit, as she did, to enforcing federal law with respect to marijuana, although the exact balance of enforcement priorities is an ever-changing determination based on the circumstances and the resources available at the time.”
  • “I will defer to the American Medical Association and the researchers at the National Institutes of Health and elsewhere about the medical effects of marijuana. Without having studied the relevant regulations in depth, I cannot say whether they may need to be eased in order to advance research; but, I will review this.”

BOTTOM LINE: Sessions is still being very guarded in discussing the Trump administration’s intentions toward state marijuana laws. Probably the most important revelation above is that he is going to review and evaluate the Cole memo that gives states a roadmap for how to avoid federal interference with their cannabis laws.

The Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider Sessions’s nomination Tuesday but Democrats have indicated they will try to delay the vote.

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  1. “Dangerous drugs like marijuana”
    No, dangerous drugs like alcohol, tobacco, prescription opiates and refined sugar. That’s where millions and millions of bodies are buried, not from cannabis! Show some perspective!
    Will these guys ever play fair or honest?

    • Sounds to me like Sen. Sessions is saying “change the law, or I’ll enforce Federal law.” Not sure how much resources he’ll have to accomplish such an enforcement. Let’s see who Trump puts as his Drug Czar and FDA commissioner. Keeping Chuck “medical marijuana is a joke” Rosenberg as DEA head is not good!

    • Nope! These “guys” are liars using “alternate” facts at will and this will never change. Their thirst for jebus power will not stop until someone stops them. Lets hope it can be done. On the other hand Trump will be insane before the next election. He can’t take it. Problem is we got all these billionaires and idiots (true fucking idiots that have not lived a normal citizen’s life) gaining seats in his clown car of appointments. What a joke, but I’m not laughing.

  2. I believe that federal drug squads need a state sherrif to give them permission to enter thier territory and those state sherrifs are elected and serve at the discretion of state voters. Also notwithstanding a lot of pageantry by Trump forces as to how they would perform in an election where a majority is reqired to win – they did not get a majority. They have already commmitted to removing womens rights. And they could hardly afford to loose the entire west coast in terms of interfering with states rights.

    All that being said … we Canadians are here to help and we just endured 10 years of our own Trump and finally got rid of him and now have a really good leader. We are presently in the process of legalizing marijuana in Canada and womens rights are protected by our constitution here.

    So – When Trump interferes with womens rights in the US we in Canada will open our borders to help. And if He and Sessions interfere with states rights in regards to the war on Drugs and marijuiana legalization – you are all welcome in Canada for a taste of freedom.

    We are also a multicutureal society on this side of the border and dont get our heads up our assess if someone looks a little different or speaks a different language and the way its going over there we may make you and offer on the statue of Libery as it does not look like you will be needing it any more.

    Sorry about your pain but if the Trump Republicans screw you all over like it appeares they will – they will be gone in four years. It wont be long. We have been there.

    Come on over to Canada any time

    • I’m literally crying, as these are the truest words I’ve ever heard spoken online anywhere. But I have one question, is it really that easy to just move on up? Because I’m from the PNW so I honestly would prefer to come to Vancouver, and if it’s really that easy, I might just do it now! Things are sounding pretty nice up there as of late…

    • “Take off!/To the Great White North,” eh! Could I score some decent beer in a baby bottle from Bob and Doug McKenzie?

  3. “I was discussing the value of treating people for using dangerous and illegal drugs like marijuana, and the context in which treatment is successful.”

    Still saying mj is a “dangerous” drug.

  4. I spread this idea everywhere. It will snowball till it becomes a controlled avalanche on restictive cannabis laws. What if all the growers in the country donated the stocks (herd) of their plants to be ground up for the making of hempcrete to be used in and on the building of the largest most advanced cannabis research facility, hospital, museum ever built. Then let’s see what they have to say about there not being enough for research on this plant. The governments of this world have stagnated over a hundred years of research because of their dogma and taboo about the cannabis plant. We will need a large very large Thousand Acre property at least for the building of this place.

  5. I think if he was going to let it be, he’d just come out and say so. The fact that he’s being so cagey indicates, to me anyway, that he’s just waiting for the right opportunity to change policy. It’s such an easy excuse to go after people he doesn’t like… It may be overreach to do so, but I suspect he’ll be willing to try.

      • This is the small fear in the back of my mind. – That Trump may be insane enough to re-start the war on marijuana consumers for the same reason Nixon ramped it up. His Domestic Policy Advisor, John Ehrlichman, testified:

        “The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I’m saying,” Ehrlichman continued.

        “We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies and blacks with marijuana , and then criminalizing it heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news.”

        “Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

        • One thing for sure is that President Trump is unpredictable,,,,,
          President-elect Donald Trump is considering Jim O’Neil to head the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to Bloomberg News.

          • Right. – Peter Thiel is a major backer of Marley Natural as is O’Neill. These are signs of hope, but there are signs of everything imaginable. – The big question is – why is Trump refusing to address what his position is regarding the eight legal states and D.C.?

    • What I do – which is quite effective – is to ask “Where is the Drug Prohibition Amendment?”.

      You know – States Rights. No Federal power unless it is authorized by the Constitution.

  6. The fact Sessions uses the term, “growing commercial marijuana industry,” instead of “illegal drug traffickers” or similar says a lot. I think they are aware prohibition is ending like everyone else. – I’ll be glad when Trump’s hand is forced on this.

    • Trump is a populist. If the people want this then it can happen. Just gotta make the economic case. Not have crazy people yelling about it. That just hurts the entire movement.

      • Trump is not a populist. Populists actually do things for the people. He’s a demagogue. Lying his arse off about what he will do for the people, then throwing them under the bus at the first opportunity.

        “Crazy people yelling about it” is called protest, and they’re not crazy. It sounds like you agree with the fascist in chief that protest should be criminalized. – No thanks. Protest has a long and honored tradition and IS effective.

        If Trump wants to end it, all he has to do is take a couple of minutes and state it is not his intention to re-ignite the insane, monstrous war on marijuana consumers. – Since he has so many hours to lie about the size of his inauguration, he has had ample opportunity to quiet the protest.

        • “fascist in chief” ,,,,,Come on jontomas .
          Another long and honored tradition is to accept the peaceful transition of Executive Administrations . I’m not a big Trump supporter but he won, let’s give the man a chance, if he amps -up the WOD then I’ll go after him.

          • I’m sorry, but I’m not going to give Trump a lot of credit for NOT trying to re-ignite the war on marijuana consumers. That would just be a smart, self-serving move on his part.

            Believe it or not, some things are more important to me than marijuana. – Like survival of the planet, our civil rights, respect for our good neighbor to the south, cultural diversity, our democratic institutions, a free press, dissent – in short, all the positive attributes of a healthy society.

            In the few days he has held office, he has already shown his contempt for the people and freedom and his determination to trash them as soon as possible.

            Granted, Clinton was not a whole lot better, but at least she didn’t try to flush our freedom down the toilet all at once. – Further, I was never a Clinton supporter. – It was Bernie Sanders, then Jill Stein.

            I, and many others, believe Trump has already committed several impeachable offenses. When you add his cabinet of deplorables, how can any objective person not agree?

          • We share some of the same concerns, as I said I am not a big Trump supporter,I also supported Bernie Sanders, and were it not for the DNC playing games we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.
            So what “impeachable offenses” has President Trump committed?

          • Are you kidding? – I’m sure you could come up with a list as easily as I can.
            He’s a billionaire who has not divested himself from his global business interests on becoming president. This contravenes all the long history of presidential ethics prior to Trump.

            There is a reason presidents have put aside their private business dealings. It must be clear a president represents the people/country and not his own selfish interests. Trump takes conflict of interest violations to a level never before seen.

            On a trip to South America, I think Argentina, Trump was meeting with leadership, then brought up his plans for a hotel there, using his presidency to negotiate. – This is just one incident that came to the surface. – One must assume he is doing this on a grand scale with all his business dealings. His refusal to release his income tax reports (another supremely unethical action) helps to cover this incredible self-dealing via the office of the presidency.

            Nobody would lose a nickel betting Trump is in violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Foreign Emoluments Clause, which prohibits a president from accepting a gift or benefit from a foreign leader or government.

            It’s not a difficult case to make that Russia is our enemy. The close dealings Trump has with Putin would likely be seen as traitorous if fully divulged. As Trump continues to reject the findings of U.S. intelligence agencies and the bipartisan call for a Congressional investigation, he may soon face the impeachable offense of treason.

            Former assistant secretary of state, John Shattuck, said, “Trump is giving aid or comfort to an enemy of the United States”

            Trump entered the presidency with an astounding mountain of lawsuits against him. Any of them could easily bring to light criminal or unethical behavior that would qualify as impeachable offenses. All highly likely given Trump’s clear disregard for the rules.

            Lawyer Bill Blum explains that there’s no legal reason why Trump’s actions prior to inauguration couldn’t be considered impeachable offenses, noting that several federal judges have been impeached for their actions prior to their federal appointment, and that President Bill Clinton’s impeachment scandal began with a probe into the “Whitewater” incident in the 1970s and ’80s, well before his election to the presidency in 1992.

            Revealing classified information is a crime and an impeachable offense. This is why Hillary’s e-mail scandal was so damaging. – Trump plays so fast and loose with classified information (having family members present at the highest level foreign negotiations, etc.), it’s a near certainty he has already accumulated these kinds of violations.

            Wrapped up in all these crimes, making them more severe, is Trump’s incredible propensity to lie. If he will lie about trivial things – like the size of his inaugural crowd, or that three million undocumented immigrants fraudulently voted for Clinton – how much more likely is it he lies about things that will truly benefit him?

            Impeachment is clearly on the horizon, and explains why Trump is frantically looting the government at high-speed with his insane executive orders. – He’s like a kid who broke into a candy shop, shoveling the sweets to his friends outside as fast as he can, knowing the police are on their way.

        • lol. Hes not doing things YOU want. MANY do. Thats what you radical left types cant grasp. There is a entire world outside of your bubbles.

          • Oh, okay. You must be a one-percenter. – The measure of a country – and a leader – is how they treat the least of its citizens.

          • That is the stupidest comment I’ve ever heard in my life. Screw the many for the sake of the few. Pure liberal trash brainwashing. Congrats–Obama suckered you in.

  7. We have become in just a few short years a country where people feel free to burn and riot and destroy innocent peoples’ property when something happens we don’t like. We burn our flag and disrespect the national anthem by kneeling when it’s played. We are killing ourselves hourly with illegal drugs. Our children are being trafficked at an alarming rate. It’s wrong to mention God in public, but celebrity worship is cool, and anyone who takes a moral stance on anything is a backward, ignorant bigot. The veterans of our country are homeless and starving, while millions of people who are here illegally are supported and protected by our government, many of who commit violent crimes against innocent Americans, including murder. For the last eight years, there has been more attention paid, and resources devoted to, enacting gay marriage, making drugs legal, and worrying about what bathroom a few gender confused people should use than terrorist attacks. It’s insane. I don’t recognize my country anymore, and I’m hoping and praying that it’s not too late to turn it around. We are in trouble, folks.

    • Terri, You live in a world of fear, not America. Every statement you make isn’t supported by anything else but your emotions. You blame the previous administration for things that aren’t happening or which you feel personally attacked for believing. Stop fighting your people with you internalized insecurity.

      I’m a Democrat – I don’t care if you mention God in public. Just be prepared for someone else to have an opinion contrary to yours. You make the blanket statement that MOST of those who are here illegally ARE committing violent crimes. But again you have no numbers to back it up.

      What terrorist attacks weren’t thwarted in the US because of a lack of resources due to acknowledging social issues that are used by conservatives like yourself to attack minorities?

      Now you know how the 72% of Americans who didn’t vote for this poo-show have felt since before President Obama was elected. You sound like you’re projecting your issues in and insecurities on ‘the other’. So very sad.

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