Congressional Cannabis Caucus Responds To White House Statement On Marijuana Policy

Congressional Cannabis Caucus
Congressional Cannabis Caucus Press Conference

The bipartisan Congressional Cannabis Caucus released the following statement in response to White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s suggestion that the Trump administration will step up enforcement of federal laws against recreational marijuana.

“Today’s statement by White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer regarding marijuana policy reaffirms the need for the Congressional Cannabis Caucus. Last November, eight more states passed measures to increase access to state-legal cannabis, and today more than 300 million Americans live in states with access to adult-use marijuana or some form medical cannabis.  Among them are four additional states that have fully legalized the adult-use of marijuana. We hope today’s comments do not reflect the views of the President and his administration.  As co-chairs of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, we stand ready to educate this administration on the need for more sensible marijuana policies and share the many experiences states have had with the legalization of cannabis. Together, we will continue to work in a bipartisan manner to reform our failed marijuana policies and provide a voice for Americans who have overwhelmingly voted for a more sensible drug policy.”

Last week, Reps. Earl Blumenauer (OR-03), Dana Rohrabacher (CA-48), Jared Polis (CO-02), and Don Young (AK-At Large) announced the formation of the bipartisan Congressional Cannabis Caucus. The Caucus will provide a forum for members of the U.S. House of Representatives to discuss, learn, and work together to establish a better and more rational approach to federal cannabis policy.

Source: Cannabis Caucus e-mailed press release

Today Congressman Earl Blumenauer released the following statement in response to White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer’s statement that the Trump Administration may start “greater enforcement” of adult use of marijuana.

“I am deeply disappointed by Sean Spicer’s statement that he expects states to see ‘greater enforcement’ and crackdown on adult use of marijuana. The national prohibition of cannabis has been a failure, and millions of voters across the country have demanded a more sensible approach. I’m looking forward to working with the leadership of our newly formed cannabis caucus to ensure that Oregonian’s wishes are protected and that we end the failed prohibition on marijuana.”

Source: E-mail from Representative Blumenauer’s office

Johnny Green
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    • Hopefully it won’t be all that long, unless there’s Federal interference, before more states are “legalized.” I do like the bipartisan cannabis caucus. It would be nice if my Congressman were in this caucus. Hell will freeze over before “Anti Andy” joins. This guy still uses the debunked “dangerous, addictive gateway” nonsense.

      • These guys are big “states rights” advocates when it suits them, like racism and voter suppression. Now they’re going to trash state voter initiatives?? Such hypocrites!

        • The feds can’t force state and local police to arrest consumers in the legal states. – Are you aware of the form of legalization in Washington, D.C.? – Possession, consumption, growing and giving away small amounts is legal. – Just no sales. – Consumers in the legal states are not in danger.

          • Nope, he’s right. In CO possession, consumption and growing is apart of the state constitution. Thus has been decriminalized, with no help from local, state or even municipal LEO Feds have to pound sand. Besides there are not enough DEA/ATF agents or funding (can’t use it as both carrot and stick) to go after every single small time user, or businesses. You’ll more than likely see cease and desist letters, and billion dollar holes blown into economies where it’s been tax and regulated. CO would no doubt fall into a recession (so much for jobs huh heir gropenfurer??)

            I’m not sure about WA state though, anyone have info on WA states law?

            Anyway, greater enforcement will most likely mean enforcing the Cole memo or revised Cole aka Sessions memo. Read up on 8 guidelines. Spicer is an idiot and he may have been shooting from the hip, he mentioned the budget rider for the medical side, but that expires on 4/28.

            States that have legalized it are already giving the DOJ and the WH the finger. WA AG and CO AG said they will take the battle to court on a states rights issue. If they go ahead and do take them to court without changing said Cole memo courts will more than likely side with states, but we will have to wait and see.

            I think we will have a better idea of what’s going on after next Tuesday when all of the AG get together in DC for the national AG convention, and the CO AG already said she is going to seek clarification w Sessions.

          • You make a good point. Why was a constitutional amendment needed to prohibit liquor/alcohol. The Marihuana Tax Stamp Act was ruled unconstitutional. The government then comes up with, what I believe, an even more unconditional CSA. Am I wrong in thinking of it as unconstitutional?

          • It’s been decriminlized at the state level and states cannot be forced to follow federal enforcement. Sorry.

      • Yep. It takes a lot of patience – or strong ties – to wait it out in an oppressive state. – I escaped Oklahoma ten years ago and thank Gaia every day!

      • Send him a new copy of the DEA’s site highlighting the section that used to be there on dangers of marihuana. (Legal name of cannabis.)

        • Yeah, but even knowing this, that small/limited government teabagger states rights, except cannabis, Republican would still use it

          • Okay, let me put my thinking cap on to see if there’s anything I could say to Andy Harris that would make him “see the light.” Im pretty sure he knows the gateway theory has been debunked yet he still uses it. Some of these people are willfully ignorant. I believe this guy was a Naval doctor, so maybe that explains some of his opposition. By the way I caught your sarcasm.

  1. If Trump wants major backlash and approval ratings dropping even faster…already at 38% approval which is lowest in recorded history, he will go after states rights..if he is as smart as he thinks he is…he will leave states alone. Time will tell…now if they decided to do a National Medical Mj law on a Federal level that was open and accessible to people like Ca. had originally under prop 215 then sure …do what you want with Recreational cause the states just make that side more expensive anyway.

        • Only if the sampling is done correctly. In the Nov elections the pollsters continually oversampled Democrats. If you didn’t account for that you might think Hillary was winning.

          So not only do you have to worry about crooked elections (did you study the Detroit recount?), you also have to worry about crooked polls.

          I’m sorry. You were being lied to. The Republican press was reporting that. The Democrats preferred the rosy scenario. Until you hold the press to account for lying to you, they will continue to do so. You should be as much at war with the press as Trump is.

          Make them report honestly. Yes that means getting bad news. But if you know the bad news you can work to counter it.

          IMO Bernie should have been on the ticket. I’d have voted for him. I didn’t vote for Hillary.

          • Yeah, I was saying that during the primaries. Hillary instead chose the worst possible running mate in Tim Kaine. Great guy, lousy running mate. I really thought she’d have chosen Bernie as rm. Too bad!

          • “Oversampling” is a technical term used by professional pollsters. It does not mean what you think it means, and it is in no way nefarious.

            Almost no pollsters even weight for party identification. This means they have no opportunity to rig the sample by adding “too many Democrats” like you think they do.

            The national polls were only off by about 1.8 percentage points in the 2016 election. This is about an average accuracy historically. It is more accurate than the polls from the 2014 midterm election.

            If Trumps approval rating is off by 1.8%, it would be about 46.3% instead of 44.5. 46.3% is still unusually terrible for a president this early in his administration.

            If you are looking for examples of a lying press, you should start with the media organization that planted this debunked “oversampling” conspiracy theory in your head.

          • OK Ryan.

            Suppose in taking a poll on a subject I oversample Republicans. Say 100% Republicans and no Democrats. Is that going to give me a good reading of the electorate?

            Of course I exaggerate. What was done (in many polls) was on the order of 40% Democrats and 15% Republicans – the rest independents.

            Is that going to give a good reading?

            BTW it is no conspiracy. Look at the cross tabs on the polls that were taken. Start with the polls that were farthest from reality.

            But hay. If you think you can make good judgements on bad information – well 2018 looks to be better than ever.

            BTW you will note that in most elections on cannabis the polls are 5% to 10% better than the election results. Such regularly happening errors says that something is wrong with their methods. If polling was done correctly the errors above and below actual results should about balance.

  2. This 2017 the FRAUD must stop this plant is from GOD not man I have chosen God creation and word over man made Poison called Pills .I am Forced to be a criminal by using plants as medicine and food if I do not Buy their Pills and food I will be cages and financial ruined and you call that FREEDOM

  3. We now need leadership in the Senate to respond with its own regulation to support Congress in their efforts to correct the failed drug policy of the past and remove Cannabis from the CSA’s Schedule 1 drug class. It has been proven that it has medical value! In fact the U.S. Patent No. 6,630,507, granted in 2003 to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services shows the Government says it has medical value!

    • Elect those in support of cannabis reform, regardless of party. I really thought Andy Harris was toast in the primary. A pro cannabis Republican was running against “AntiCannabis Andy. Nope, the gateway theorist easily won the primary. Guess that POS has a lifetime seat in the House! Harris said he’ll never support use of cannabis, recreational or medical. He said “marijuana is a dangerous, highly addictive gateway drug.”

    • Talk to the cannabis caucus. Tell them they need to get the rest of congress that are from states that have legalized involved in resisting the orange Quasimodo’s ridiculous cannabis ideas.

  4. Safest Plant known to Man and actually cures people and treats people with NO harm , Now you have your government Biggest DRUG DEALER in the WORLD called FDA DEA the Pharmaceutical’s who have Killed more people than all of America’s wars combined with their Experiments on the people with their PILL’S and DRUGS GOD NEVER MADE DRUGS MAN DID

    • FTA:
      Professor Gotzsche’s list of what to avoid

      Antidepressants for all, as they very likely don’t even work for severe cases of depression

      All brain-active drugs in children

      Anti-psychotics and other brain-active drugs for the elderly. Psychotropic drugs should be used as little as possible and mostly in very acute situations, as they are very harmful when used long term Anti-dementia drugs, as they very likely don’t work

      Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs used for arthritis, muscle pain and headaches, including over-the-counter, low-dose ibuprofen. These drugs should be used as little as possible.

      Mammography screening, as it doesn’t prolong life whereas it makes many healthy women ill through overdiagnosis and leads to the premature death for some because radiotherapy and chemotherapy increases mortality when used for harmless cancers detected at screening

      Drugs for urinary incontinence, as they very likely don’t work

  5. It absolutely kills me that these a-holes who all have Phd’s and Bachelor Degrees can’t figure out that the word “Marijuana” is SLANG!!! It is Called CANNABIS~ Come on and say it with me… I know that you can’

  6. This was the first time they acknowledged cannabis as medicine, and said they will leave that alone. If recreational goes away, you will see the loophole be in medical. It will be easy to get a card, sure your now on a list, but just remember, Hillary was against cannabis “in all senses of the word.” I see this as a step forward.

  7. It’s time for a true Marijuana Militia! We need to let our government know that we will defend OUR liberties at all costs and that the will of the People is supreme over “policy”. It’s time to stop playing this game of begging for government to start respecting our liberties and let them know that we demand it! Anytime government ignores the will of the People it is tyranny.


  9. Thank you for your support has been a long time com
    ing and we need more research on this miracle plant. As long as alcohol is not prohibited neither should cannabis. Alcohol is addictive a killer and has destroyed more people and families than any drug.

  10. You know it’s bad when the_donald subreddit is filled with people saying this is the straw that makes them lose support for Trump. Go for it, Dump, and watch what happens.

  11. Anyone else get the distinct impression that Spicer was shooting from the hip and not necessarily articulating official white house policy?

  12. I want medical cannabis if not recreational cannabis. I have seven medical conditions which cannabis would treat. I live in Alabama. I suspect I will never see medical or recreational cannabis legalized in my home state. It has to do with the term dope. Now prescription dope is fine for Alabama Laws. But not cannabis. Nooooo, not the evil weed. Some say, Good people don’t use marijuana. That is the voice of those ignorant of cannabis.

  13. Yeah that great and more better to use this medical cannabis for my back and hip pain.And sick of pain killer pill can hurt my liver and stomach pain don’t like so I stop use for the pain pill because I am so afraid can damage my body no thanks and I been pray and hope to get weed for my hip and back pain thanks for the understand peace.

  14. If they have a federal crackdown this would be a colossal mistake for the republicans. Public support is just too overwhelming and the only thing they will accomplished is driving the market underground and instead of the government getting the tax dollars it will be going to the cartel not to mention the tens of thousands of jobs lost. They would pay a huge political price.

    • You are thinking in terms of average support. But as far as Congress critters are concerned, all that counts is local support.

      Which means we have to get the % support higher. Maybe to 80% or 90%. That means being Republican friendly. I’m not seeing much of that so far.

    • Over 70% of the country is wanting recreational. The fake president needs to muzzle his dog Sphincter and find out where the hell he is on wanting to unite this country, a project that the fat headed fool of a president could spend the rest of his life and two more lives on top of that,and will never unite this country other than to hate him and all of his cabinet.

  15. I doubt Trump really gives a shit about marijuana. He probably disagrees with it, but you have a country addicted to alcohol and tobacco, what’s a little weed too?

    Hey, i’d rather have local pot farmers making a profit, rather than some mexican drug gang or scummy biker gang making money off their ditch weed.

    • Cannabis addiction is a lie thought up by people making money off of people for cannabis addiction and the courts sending them to rehab.

      • That’s true. One can’t, physically at least, become addicted to cannabis, unlike highly addictive opioids. If, a BIG IF, I had a choice between the two I’d choose the much safer, non toxic, non addicting cannabis. As of this moment I have no choice!

  16. Spicer’s remarks are concerning. However things may not shake out the way he thinks. The States where they’ve legalized recreational cannabis may just refuse to comply due to the huge tax revenue they get from legalized pot.
    Or they may comply and close the rec stores and give up the revenue (can’t imagine what they think they’d receive in return for doing that, though).Very few who’ve had access to legal pot are going to give it up again; they’ll turn back to the black market and growing their own, like we all did before the voters legalized it, but there’ll be way more users doing that, so the black market will be even bigger (hint: want to know how to run a successful black market? just read Alongside Night – The Novel, or watch Alongside Night – The Movie). If the black market increases again, the cartels will benefit, too. It makes no sense to me why some people (in and out of government) think it is a good thing to let the outlaws, and actual criminals, have all the control and proceeds of the black market.
    At any rate it’s going to be a considerably different story for Colorado as their form of legalization was to make it an Amendment to their State Constitution and the fed gov has no legitimate power over a State’s Constitution nor over any State’s laws as long as those laws comply with the federal Constitution.
    It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how it plays out, I hope America will be content with the result. Over half the population thinks the prohibition of cannabis should go away, completely. They have differing views on whether it should treated like any other garden plant, if there should be some kind of strong regulation like is exercised over alcohol and tobacco, or if it should be treated more like aspirin (this last would be a good way because all regulation would be only for quality control; but my preference is treat it like any other garden plant — tomatoes, lettuce, basil, flowers, etc.).

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