The War on Drugs Waste Resources: Case ID 2018CRA05297 Trafficking In A Counterfeit Substance


I hope everyone had a safe and smokey New Year. I realize the headline is of the no shit Sherlock nature but I had to go with that for what I’m about to share.

Even though marijuana had a stellar year of States legalizing for recreational use and more medical States have been added to the club, reefer sadness still remains in America. Besides the video I’m about to share, consider this, there are no dispensaries still in States like Arkansas who have had medical cannabis on the books since 2016.

Now to the bust that involves multiple police man hours and the drawing of a gun on a citizen for 10 dollars worth of “flower buds”. I’m not sure how my man was approached but I’m guessing online and right away he knew he was dealing with cops. Watch as he points out where the backup is parked and deals with the undercover.

Even though there were no “drugs” this individual still got arrested for the police actions that are the equivalent of the Keystone Cops in Troy, Ohio. I honestly think this man has the balls of steel and I hope to find out his status for a later article, until then Happy New Year and be safe out there.

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