Teen Cannabis Patient Demolishes Kevin Sabet Gummy Bear Prop

Kevin Sabet discovers that teenagers look shit up on the internet and can’t be fooled by reefer madness anymore.

Mic… DROP!

16-year-old Coltyn Turner is a medical cannabis patient who has been following our coverage of #GummyGate. This level-headed, responsible teen’s impassioned response is the kind of burn for which one should seek immediate medical attention, Kevin.

#GummyGate happened Wednesday on a live televised debate in Boston. Anti-marijuana propagandist Kevin Sabet lied as he displayed medicated gummy bears he used as a prop to deceive Massachusetts voters about the consequences of passing their legalization initiative this November. Then he left unattended the prop candy he just described as an illegal bag of drugs in the Commonwealth and it was promptly stolen.

I got your big marijuana props right here, pal!

Unsurpringly hypocritically, Kevin had just been in Arkansas the day before, where Coltyn says he condemned the growing awareness of medical cannabis applications for pediatric conditions, saying that “big marijuana” was manipulating public opinion on marijuana with tales of suffering children, using them as props.

Kevin told plenty of other lies there, too, like “Today’s marijuana is a lot more harmful than it used to be.” Right, Kevin. It went from being a non-toxic healing herb that’s never caused a single overdose death in all of recorded human history to being… gummy bears!

So Coltyn picked up a video camera and explained how responsible adult – and, in his case, teenage – cannabis consumers prevent the accidental ingestion of cannabis products by children. In doing so, Coltyn exposes the moral bankruptcy of a prohibition shill who gleefully impedes the healing of sick children to protect pharmaceutical company profits.

You can watch the video at Coltyn’s “Illegally Healed” Facebook page.

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