Poll Finds 70.6% Support For Legalizing Cannabis In Connecticut


Connecticut has been on my radar for awhile as a state that has a good shot at legalizing cannabis via legislative action. Unlike the 8 states (and Washington D.C.) that have voted to legalize cannabis for adult use, Connecticut does not have a citizen initiative process. The only way to legalize cannabis in Connecticut is via its legislature. An effort to legalize cannabis in Connecticut, led by the Connecticut Coalition to Regulate Marijuana, has been underway for awhile now.

As it stands right now, Connecticut does not have a budget. The University of Connecticut is facing a 150 million dollar a year budget gap, and that is just one of many examples of the budget woes going on in Connecticut. Legalization will not help every budget problem that Connecticut has, but it can certainly help the situation. Legalization in Connecticut would bring in an estimated 180 million dollars a year, in addition to creating jobs and saving tax dollars via no longer enforcing failed public policy. Law enforcement in Connecticut would be able to focus on real crime, which would benefit all citizens in Connecticut, not just cannabis consumers. Results of a poll were released today which showed an overwhelming level of support for cannabis legalization in Connecticut. The poll was conducted by Sacred Heart University Institute for Public Policy, and the results from the poll can be found below:

As an alternative source of tax revenue, more than two out of three residents (70.6%) either “strongly support” or “somewhat support” legalizing and taxing marijuana

The poll went on to state :

  • 83.2% of residents under age of 35 supported “legalizing and taxing marijuana,” compared to only 59.6% of residents over age of 55.
  • 73.6% of residents with children in the household supported “legalizing and taxing marijuana.”

A poll from 2015  found that 63% of Connecticut voters supported legalization. That’s a significant increase in just a two year span. I would assume that the residents of Connecticut are just like everyone else in the country that are watching legalization work in other states, and sit and wonder why it hasn’t happened in their state yet. Connecticut does not have a budget right now, and that presents an opportunity to include cannabis legalization in budget proposals. If you live in Connecticut make sure to contact your legislators and let them know that it’s time to bring legalization to Connecticut. Share the results of this new poll and point out that support is increasing at a significant rate. Also, make sure to check out the Connecticut Coalition to Regulate Marijuana, which is working really hard to make legalization in Connecticut a reality!

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