Mark Your Calendars Washington State, Homegrow Senate Hearing Coming Up

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Washington State remains the only State not to have legalization that includes the right for a citizen to grow cannabis for personal use but two grassroots activists have taken the helm and the policy is making moves. The legislative process is long and arduous, this is why its hard to make something happen that benefits no one but the greater good.

If you’re a Washington State citizen, you can help. Contact your legislator, not sure what District you’re in? Use this tool. As we saw last year, a bill can be stopped at any point like when a committee denies to hear it than the Bill becomes stagnate and goes nowhere, a win-win for politicians who don’t want to take a stance on cannabis issues. This year we should make our legislators take a stance, let them know that as a cannabis consumer you would like the right to grow 6 plants at home, a max of 15 in a household that has more than one over the age of 21 residents.

You can still comment on the House Bill to the legislators here, look for the “Comment On This Bill Button”, this will also have you select which legislator you would like to receive it, pick them all. Below will be an example of what I wrote to them. As for the Senate hearing, its upcoming on January 31st, you may comment in person or online as well, click here.

Something Is Better Than Nothing

Washingtonians naturally question everything, the cannabis community especially after how things turned out after I502 and the implementation of SB5052. The Homegrow Bill is homegrown by two activists, not big money, in fact, no one has been championing for homegrows before these two guys. It’s 2019 and I’m clicking my heels three times and putting it out there for the Universe to see, Washington State needs homegrow rights in order to say it has legalization. If you’re looking for a reason as to why I think homegrow is essential, please check out my letter to my legislators on the House Bill.

Dear Honorable Representative;

Homegrow bills in Washington are an essential effort for Washington to have proper legalization. Homegrows will allow the cannabis consumer to become the cannabis connoisseur. Besides becoming a more informed consumer, this will also help the average Washingtonian to have experience growing the plant and a chance to be a part of the growing cannabis industry in our nation.

Before I502, seeds, and clones were accessible to anyone who had a medical card, there is no logical reason why Washington State does not allow homegrows now. Washington State cannabis was once revered across the nation in the cannabis community, and it’s not until Washington State establishes a homegrow policy that we can again wear the crown as having the best cannabis and cannabis growers in the nation.

I ask as my representative that you please support this Bill and encourage other members to as well, thank you.

House Bill Testimony

Check out these amazing people who came out and took their time to speak to the House on why there should be homegrow policies.


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