Everyone should know what the marijuana laws are where they live. Obviously, not all states have the same marijuana laws, and within states, different scenarios can carry different penalties. The first step towards fighting to reform marijuana laws is learning what those marijuana laws are.

Federal laws are based off of the Controlled Substances Act. When enforced, federal law supersedes all state laws. However, exceptions to enforcement have been made in recent years for medical marijuana in states that have legalized medical marijuana. That’s not the same as federal law actually changing, so keep that in mind.

Below are two amazing resources that you can use to learn more about the marijuana laws in your state. Some states have laws that haven’t changed for a very long time. Other states have laws that seem to be evolving regularly. The more you know about marijuana laws across America, the better.

National Cannabis Industry Association tool (click image below)

national cannabis industry association cannabis laws

National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws tool (click image below)

norml marijuana laws