There are tons and tons of marijuana events out there these days. But not all of them are created equal. Many events are just glorified bong flea markets or claim to have ‘experts’ in speaking or in attendance, but when you look at the names you don’t recognize any of them. The people behind this website have been to more marijuana events than most, and below are some events that we vouch for. It includes industry events, entertainment events, and reform events:


June 2017

Audience listens to an industry panel at the 2016 NCIA Cannabis Business Summit.

June 12-14: NCIA Cannabis Business Summit and Expo (Oakland) - INDUSTRY: NCIA’s summer b2b event in Oakland brings together the top leaders in the West Coast cannabis industry for informative sessions and business expo.

international canna pro expo


July 2017

August 2017

“Radical” Russ at Seeley Stage at 4:20 at Seattle Hempfest 2016

Aug 18-20: Seattle Hempfest - REFORM: The largest continuously-running political protest and celebration in the world! The Seattle Hempfest is three days in 1.6 miles of waterfront park with six stages of music, hundreds of vendors, and about 150,000 attendees smoking legal marijuana with no hassle from police.

September 2017

Method Man & Redman perform at the 2016 Boston Freedom Rally.

Sep 16-17: Boston Freedom Rally - REFORM: The East Coast’s largest hempfest has been ongoing a couple of years longer than Seattle’s and draws about 50,000 people to the Boston Common for two stages of music and scores of vendors.

October 2017

Activists with Black Lives Matter and Vocal NY speak at the 2015 DPA Int’l Reform Conference.

Oct 11-14: DPA International Reform Conference (Atlanta) - REFORM: The biennial Reform Conference held by Drug Policy Alliance covers the broad scope of drug law reform beyond just marijuana legalization and features the top experts in the world and panelists and attendees from all inhabited continents.

November 2017

December 2017