Legal Weed Needs To Support The Outlaws

Marijuana Is Wholesome
Marijuana Is Wholesome

Observing prohibition in America is like watching your country go through a car accident. There’s not much one can do, but there is something many can. My voice should be small in a recreational legal use State; people who pay their bills through cannabis need to speak up for cannabis normalization.

People confuse me for being a reporter, but I’m just an overzealous citizen tired of prohibition. Tired because every day it’s like knowing a rape is occurring but not being able to do anything about it because one has to be able to understand how to coordinate policy in politics. I want to think of myself as more as someone who is bearing witness to the toxic system that runs and ruins America.

This year the marijuana march in Seattle occurred on May the 4th, the year prior was Cinco De Mayo, each one a beautiful day on two pretend American Holidays, a day to have themed parties with perhaps some alcoholic beverages but also a day to say legal doesn’t mean freedom, yet.

This was the 20th year and maybe the last because it’s not easy to take over of a public space like Westlake Center with music, tents, and safe consumption while police tend to real threats. It’s also not free to coordinate the various permits needed for music, food trucks, speakers, and a booth for victims of the war on us.

The Seattle Cannabis Freedom March is about orange jumpsuits, the ones all of us could be wearing and the ones being worn by the likes of Craig Cesal, Richard Delisi, Lance Gloor, and other victims of the war on drugs like Richard Flor and Gary Shepherd. It’s about freedom and rights, things like homegrow and recreational consumption spaces.

The pioneers of cannabis didn’t start with today’s legalization but with the occasional civil protest by the likes of Lowell Eggemeier and Abbie Hoffman, fast forward to the ’70s for the laws to become stricter to control disenfranchised communities. Prohibition is toxic to our present and future as human beings, let alone our country, guided by lies and deceit. Life is about the things we do with the time we have.

The morning of the Seattle Cannabis Freedom March my hardest decision was to go back to sleep, play video games, or watch Black Klansman. In prison, you’re not allowed choices.

Everyone is allowed to fuck up; let’s stop acting as if America has moral superiority when things like the war on drugs continue. America’s past is fraught with wrongs against its citizens from early chemical warfare of measle infected blankets given to Native Americans to segregation of people based on the color of their skin, the war on drugs is just a continuation of these atrocities. Ignorance is not bliss; we as a country is the same as we as citizens, the more honest we are to ourselves, the more potential for success we have. You’re allowed to fuck up but learn from it. Our government is sick, and prohibition is part of the disease, not a cure.

Life is about time; the time you spend doing things from the moment you get up. It’s the times we interact with each other and the option not to. Innocent prisoners don’t have time, nor do they have options. It shouldn’t be illegal to have natural choices.

Recently those that talk about culture and lifestyle missed an opportunity to stand out amongst the rest. To the growers that did not show up because they are busy with life, send a rep. The number of people that showed up for the peaceful gathering in support of common sense policy and equal rights in a State producing over 300 million tax dollars was staggering in a disappointed in humanity kind of way.

People who grow, own shops, or make any income from the “legal” cannabis industry need to invest and contribute to things like the Seattle Cannabis March. This was your opportunity to be represented, to be a news story of how a large number of citizens stood for legalization for all.

To those that showed and to Melissa Hysom, who has coordinated this event for 15 out of the 30 years, thank you. When someone else’s freedom is lost for something legal in my State, we still have work to do; this is how you make America great.

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