Has Your Washington State Marijuana Business Been Impacted By Jeff Sessions?

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Washington State legalized marijuana in 2012 and implemented a taxed and regulated adult-use cannabis industry in 2014. Since that time Washington’s industry has grown quite a bit and generated a lot of tax revenue. For the fiscal year 2016-2017 Washington State generated $315 million dollars in tax revenue from its cannabis industry.

The legalization model in Washington is not perfect, if for any reason because it does not allow home cultivation, but it’s still succeeding in many ways. The state of Washington wants to know if your cannabis business has been impacted by the recent rescinding of Obama-era guidance which provided some protections for the adult-use marijuana industry. Below is a bulletin that was sent out by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board, as featured in the Marijuana Moment newsletter:

On January 4, 2018, United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memorandum rescinding prior guidance from the Department of Justice to United States Attorneys outlining federal priorities for the enforcement of federal statutes relating to marijuana.

The Liquor and Cannabis Board has not made any changes to its state marijuana regulatory program, but is monitoring the impact of this federal action on Washington residents and welcomes your comments.  If you have experienced a change in your business practices or customer relationships that you believe is connected to the Sessions Memo, we invite you to share your experiences at marijuanaimpacts@atg.wa.gov.

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