Fox News Poll Finds Record Support For Legalizing Marijuana

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To be completely upfront I am not a fan of Fox News. I feel that their reporting is very biased, which if they owned it, it wouldn’t be as bad. However, they pass themselves off as an unbiased news source which is obviously not accurate. I do not watch Fox News and very, very rarely link to them in my articles.

This article will be an exception to that rule. It is no secret that Fox News is the undisputed champion of conservative media. If Fox News says something, there’s a greater than average chance that it reflects the views of the politically conservative community. With that in mind, it was with great joy that I saw the results of a Fox News poll come across Twitter yesterday which found a record level of support for marijuana legalization. Per Fox News:

The poll shows 59 percent of voters support legalizing marijuana. That’s up from 51 percent in 2015, and 46 percent in 2013 (the first time this question was asked on a Fox News Poll). In addition, only 26 percent favored making “smoking marijuana” legal in 2001.

Thirty-two percent now oppose legalizing pot, down from a high of 49 percent in 2013.

The poll results from Fox News are not the highest level of support found for legalization via a poll, but rather the highest level of support for Fox News polling. Gallup polling, which has occurred annually since 1969, found a greater level of support in its 2017 poll (64%). A CBS poll found 61%, which was an all-time high for any CBS poll dealing with marijuana legalization.

Despite the Fox News poll not being the highest level of support out of any poll, it is still very significant because, well, it’s Fox News. As many people pointed out on social media yesterday if Fox News is showing overwhelming support for cannabis legalization, the times are absolutely changing. If you know a conservative that is on the fence about marijuana legalization (which I am sure we all do) make sure to share the results of this poll with them!

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