Dear Governor Jay Inslee; The Consumers Are Losers In Trump’s Trade War

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Dear Governor Jay Inslee;

As you champion for the environment and seek the Presidency, here are some things I find unnerving from you.

You continuously seem to be showboating, things like talking about Washington State’s recreational legal cannabis with jokes that you grow at home when there are no Homegrow allowances in Washington State, something that means the average citizen remains ignorant on what it takes to make and define quality cannabis.

My other concern is the waste produced by not just Washington State’s legal cannabis but that of our nation’s “legal” market.

The cannabis industry is unique in that all things associated with cannabis could have been 100% American made, but when there’s competition than there are things to be bought in China. The recent tariff wars will bring this to light, and I feel only the consumer suffers.

Some businesses already do acquire as much as they can in the U.S. From labeling to packaging, to vape cartridges and the containers concentrates are sold in, and those companies will succeed as the ones who outsource their consumables will see an increase of cost that will most likely be felt by the ignorant cannabis consumer.

If we are to mandate packaging, then we need to mandate the materials the packaging is made from, or the cannabis industry becomes another detriment to the environment. Hemp is an ironic answer to this problem.

Hemp is a vital but costly textile, costly because the farms aren’t rampant like corn but still, what costs more 1) the price to be competitive or 2) or the cost to destroy the world we live in. Now that the United States has legalized hemp (again) it is time to focus on alternatives and options.

Now I know the Governor doesn’t have the power and authority of the President but you do have sway and you do have a voice. I urge you to address the issues I’ve raised as you call our country to be more eco-friendly, to make your State as such.


A Concerned Washington State Citizen

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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