DC Mayor Says Arresting Marijuana Smokers At Trump Inauguration ‘Not First Priority’

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Donald Trump is set to take office later this month. Marijuana activists in Washington D.C. are planning on handing out 4,200 joints at Donald Trump’s inauguration, and people are being encouraged to light up the joints during Donald Trump’s speech at the inauguration. Gifting marijuana in Washington D.C. from one adult over 21 years old to another is perfectly legal. Public consumption is not legal, and all things marijuana related are still illegal at the federal level.

Washington D.C.’s mayor stated in a press conference recently that people getting arrested for smoking marijuana at the inauguration would likely not be arrested, at least not by D.C. police. Per The Cannabist:

Speaking at a news conference on Friday, Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser said police and city leaders want to see people peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights. Bowser says arrests for smoking pot “wouldn’t be our first priority.”

The protest is one of many that have been organized by D.C. activists that have drawn some controversy. Activists have brought out a massive joint for previous protests, and have even handed out marijuana at Jeff Sessions’ office. This latest protest has drawn both criticism and support from the pro marijuana community. To quote one supporter I saw on Facebook, ‘sometimes you need to throw some tea into the harbor.’

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