CWCB Expo In New York Was A Huge Success, Onward To L.A. And Boston


The Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo took place this last week in New York, and by every measure it was a smashing success. The first Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo (CWCB Expo) took place four years ago, and so much has changed since that time. With so many different cannabis events popping up seemingly every week, the CWCB Expo stands out over the cannabis event white noise.

Keynoting the event was New York Senator Diane Savino, who has been an advocate for cannabis reform in New York for awhile now, and sponsored the legislation that legalized medical cannabis in New York. Senator Savino spent time preaching the merits of medical cannabis at the event alongside retired NFL player Marvin Washington, who also spoke at the event. The duo made headlines and did a lot to help educate event participants.

Reverend Al Sharpton also delivered a keynote address at the CWCB Expo, and had the soundbite of the event. “”We will not allow our people to be locked UP from the drug war AND locked OUT of the industry.” said Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton has made comments about opposing cannabis in the past, citing his upbringing in the church, but he has recognized that cannabis prohibition has a disproportionate impact on the African American community, and that it is time for a change. Al Sharpton’s message at the event was that there needs to be more diversity in the cannabis industry, which is something that I absolutely agree with.

I had several friends attend the event, and every single one of them said that it was awesome and that they plan on attending the CWCB Expo’s upcoming events in Los Angeles (September 13-15) and Boston (October 4-6). As the events draw closer expect me to blog more about who the keynote speakers will be, and other info about the event. The CWCB Expo has a proven track record of bringing out quality speakers and providing amazing education to the crowd in attendance, so I am eager to see who will be speaking at the next two events.

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