Connecticut: One Week Left In Regular Session To Bring Legalization To The Floor


I received the following legislative alert out of Connecticut today:

With Connecticut’s regular legislative session ending on Wednesday, May 9, lawmakers have one week left to bring legalization to the floor. Don’t let this opportunity slip away.

Last month, the Appropriations Committee voted 27-24 to advance HR 5394, a bill that directs several government agencies to develop a plan to legalize and regulate marijuana sales. However, unless your lawmakers hear from you, it may never receive a floor vote.

Legalization replaces the criminal market with a safer, legal option. It can also end enforcement policies that have disproportionately targeted minority communities. Further, marijuana is safer than alcohol, and Connecticut should stop punishing adults for making the safer choice. Regulated marijuana sales could also be a critical part of efforts to address the state’s economic woes.

With Massachusetts’ state-legal marijuana sales starting this summer, and several other neighboring states considering legalization, Connecticut’s failure to swiftly enact legalization would be a major loss. Businesses that are interested in attracting young employees may prefer to operate in states with legal marijuana. For college graduates, moving to Boston might seem like a better option. And while other state economies benefit from legalization, Connecticut will continue to waste resources on punishing individuals for activities that are legal next door.

Let your lawmakers know it’s time Connecticut ended the failed policy of prohibition and replaced it with a system that is better for residents and better for the state. Then, share this email with your friends and family.

Thank you,
Connecticut Coalition to Regulate Marijuana

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