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Medical Marijuana

Oklahoma Medical Cannabis Campaign Wants A June 2018 Vote

The effort to legalize medical marijuana in Oklahoma has been a roller coaster ride. For a brief time in 2016 it looked like Oklahoma was going to join several other states in voting on medical marijuana, but that proved to not be the case. The Oklahoma medical marijuana campaign, run […]

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Michigan Advises Medical Cannabis Caregivers And Patients On Transition To Licensees And Employees

The Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) released two advisory bulletins today to inform and advise potential licensees of the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation’s (BMMR) intention regarding (1) the transition from medical marihuana caregivers and patients to facility license holders and employees and (2) local and state license fees. The bulletins […]

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Michigan: LARA Issues Transition Rules For Caregivers

Yet another LARA/BMMR advisory has been issued to advise applicants on how to successfully enter the new regulated medical marijuana business environment in Michigan. This time they are targeting caregivers and patients who aspire to owning regulated businesses. Certain businesses licensed under the MMFLA program ban patients and caregivers from […]

Medical Marijuana

Over 6,000 Patients Register For Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program In First 2 Weeks

Governor Tom Wolf announced today that more than 6,000 patients and more than 300 caregivers have registered for Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program since the Medical Marijuana Patient and Caregiver Registry launched November 1. “These remarkable numbers are a clear confirmation of the need for medical marijuana to ease the pain and suffering of thousands […]

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Medical Marijuana

Kentucky: Task Force To Propose Legislative Action To Legalize Medical Marijuana

Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes is convening a task force of Kentuckians to focus on a legislative proposal to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky, Grimes announced Wednesday. The group will also study and propose potential implementation and regulation processes. “Too many Kentuckians are suffering from debilitating physical and mental […]

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Michigan Gubernatorial Candidates Holding Forum To Discuss Cannabis Issues

Five candidates for Governor of Michigan will engage in a forum-style discussion in Ypsilanti on November 14 to discuss marijuana legalization, medical marijuana and law reform On Tuesday the issue of Michigan’s direction on legalized and medical marijuana will be the topic of discussion between five candidates for state Governor […]