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The M-word – Use Marijuana to Legalize Cannabis

Cannabis Industry Lawyer, Tom Howard, is back to address something he has seen amongst the people inside the legalization movement. Some insist on calling all marijuana cannabis because marijuana is a racist term.  And from his book on the legal history of marijuana, it is totally true that marijuana is […]

Cannabis Activism

Rhode Island Marijuana Policy Reform Advocates Release New Report

The Marijuana Policy Project and its local partner Regulate Rhode Island have released a new report entitled, “How should Rhode Island legalize marijuana: Asking the right questions.” The 42-page document features detailed discussion of different models for regulating marijuana for adults based on other states’ experiences and urges policymakers to consider the […]

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Cannabis Activism

It’s Time For Kentucky To Get Serious About Medical Cannabis

I received the following activism alert out of Kentucky: There has been a tremendous groundswell of support for medical cannabis in Kentucky this year, and the legislature is finally beginning to listen. Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee began considering testimony in support of HB 166, a bill that would make Kentucky […]

Let's Hash It Out Podcast
Cannabis Activism

Check Out the Let’s Hash It Out Podcast on Weed News!

I have a group of friends that loves to chat politics and debate various cultural topics. We decided to record a podcast that captured our conversations, so the Let’s Hash It Out podcast was born. Each podcast begins with my co-hosts trying some amazing Oregon cannabis, describing the effects, taste […]