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Attorney General Jeff Sessions Has Made us Stronger

Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions Wants to Stifle the Cannabis Legalization Movement. He’s Only Made Us Stronger. “If you strike down the Cole Memo, we shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” Attorney General Jeff Sessions was opposed by cannabis legalization supporters for good reason as he’s had […]

George Martorano Ted Talks
Cannabis Activism

George Martorano: Life After Lock Up

Written By Mindi Hunt George Martorano has a life story movies are made from. He was not only one of the longest serving, non-violent, first-time offenders to be incarcerated in America; he was the first non-violent, first time offender to receive a federal sentence of life without parole.  George admits […]

danny danko marijuana cannabis high times
Cannabis Activism

Danny Danko To Run The NYC Half-Marathon For NORML Foundation

I absolutely hate running. I played a lot of basketball growing up, and I didn’t mind the short sprints that came with playing hoops, but just straight running is one thing that I never enjoyed. I wish I did, considering all of the health benefits of running. But a combination […]

Clay Pierce
Cannabis Activism

Free Clay Pierce

We help spread the message of those being wrong and need to get their voice out. Prohibition wins when good people get lost in a system, its bad enough our American judicial system is a shit show but can you imagine being locked up in a foreign country for cannabis? The […]

Pot Fairies
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Granny Adopts Unlikely Pen Pals

By Mindi Hunt Since her early years, 68-year old Deedee Kirkwood has remained a revolutionary thinker in search for her niche in the world. The wild and curly haired, bohemian styled, mother and grandmother is modest when referred to as an activist. “I’m just a housewife and a grandmother with […]

Parents4Pot P4P
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Parents4Pot Holiday Drive

Once again cannabis consumers, farmers, and decent people, in general, have gathered together to help children and families hurt by the war on a plant. Parents4Pot is doing their 5th-holiday drive. If you’re looking to fight the drug war this holiday season, you donate to Parents4Pot. Or if you don’t […]

Photo Credit: Farmer Tom Lauerman
Cannabis Activism

Washington State of Cannabis

We need to talk about Washington State’s once robust and thriving medical marijuana market. A time and place when Americans were treated like adults, before the government like it does so well, decided to protect us. I use to avoid calling Washington State’s marijuana policy a market, but that’s what […]